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Darkstalkers Fighters
Fighter ID:
Hair Color
172 cm
86 56 83 cm
52 kg
Mistress of the Night
Head of the Aensland House
Personal quote
Good timing . . . I just needed a new playground.
Belial Aensland (adoptive father, deceased), Lilith (anthropomorphic form of some of Morrigan's power)
In addition to powerful magic, she can also utilize her wings, which are composed of a collection of bats.
Fighting Style(s)
The large wings on her back can transform into tools, such as a jet booster, large sickle, drill, etc., as needed. She is also able to drain her opponent's energy, and create clones of herself.

Darkstalkers / Vampire (JPN)
Night Warriors / Vampire Hunter (Japan)
Vampire Savior
Pocket Fighter / Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (USA arcade)
Vampire Hunter 2
Vampire Savior 2
Marvel vs Capcom
From Darkstalkers series. Available in Lilith style via code.
SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium / SNK vs. Capcom: Choujou Kessen Saikyo Fighters (JPN)
Neo Geo Pocket
Capcom vs SNK / Capcom vs SNK: Millenium Battle 2000 (JPN)
Ratio 2
Marvel vs Capcom 2
From Darkstalkers series.
Darkstalkers Chronicle / Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service
Capcom vs SNK Pro
Ratio 2
Capcom vs SNK 2 / Capcom vs SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 (JPN)
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
From Darkstalkers series.
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Playstation 3
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Playstation 3
From Darkstalkers series
Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom
Morrigan Aensland
Morrigan is a succubus and the head of house Aensland, a ruling-class family of the Makai Kingdom. Despite being a soul-consuming demon, Morrigan is a benevolent ruler. She will do anything to protect her homeland and views Ultron Sigma as its ultimate threat. Morrigan has chosen to ally herself with the resistance. Some are wary about partnering with her, but she has taken a liking to Ghost Rider, the ultimate supernatural enforcer, conveniently neutralizing any threat she poses.
Spitting black emnity
The Ultimate Challenge!
A Succubus living in eternity, Morrigan yearns to become "Queen of the Night" to rule the Dark World.
Fate of Two Worlds
A fun-loving succubus, Morrigan is very powerful and prefers to neglect her duties and spend time in the human world.
Fate of Two Worlds
She is a succubus, a demonic creature able to seduce men. She is well known for her voluptuous figure and her titillating clothing. Although she is the head of the Aensland house, one of the three major houses of the demon world, she often abandons her dull duties to go look for excitement.
Capcom vs SNK 2
Capcom vs SNK 2 Endings
Morrigan sighs and mutters. "I'm so bored." There is no happiness without excitement. "Maybe. I had better sleep until the next party."
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Ultimate All-Stars
Morrigan is a mysterious succubus and the ruler of Aensland. Born to one of the noble families in the Makai world, Morrigan detests boredom and ventures down to the human world in pursuit of stimulating events. She has large wings comprised of bats that also act as her fighting assistants. In battle, her wings can morph into a wide range of weapons to suit her needs, including a drill, blades, a jet booster, and many other forms.
"Miss... will you be leaving for the human realm again tonight?" Without even a hint of rebuke, the question that had by now become routine fell casually from the attendant's lips.

"Yes... I trust you'll look after things here." Morrigan's similarly routine response hung in the air as she disappeared into the void amidst a cloud of bats.

The Master of House Aensland, Morrigan's liege, had not been seen much of late. Much time had passed since the humans had stopped dreaming. At one time, humans produced dreams faster than Morrigan could steal them, but now she was lucky of the could find one good dream every 10 years. At this rate, the long line of succubi would end with her generation. Oblivious to the seriousness of the situation, Morrigan had become interested in the human realm itself.

"As long as I'm having fun, isn't that all that matters?" Such carefree thinking is what led to her secret visits to the human realm. On that particular night, Morrigan had felt a strange new sensation tingling through her skin. It was clearly something that had been directed specifically at her. The unknown, the inexplicable, the mysterious... these were things that Morrigan was drawn to. She was instantly enthralled by this new feeling. When you feed on dreams like the succubi do, you simply cannot live in a world without thrills.
Night Warriors
"I'm so bored," sighed Morrigan.

Though she enjoyed acting her part as the Queen of the Night, the days still passed idly by. Even her secret jaunts into the human realm were no longer entertaining her. But that night was different. "I feel a lot of strange powers at work... this could get interesting."

Unable to suppress her curiosity, Morrigan flew out of the estate, intent on seeking out this new thrill.
Vampire Savior
After the death of Belial, Morrigan's guardian, she ignored her rights to the position of ruler over Makai, and continued with her happy-go-lucky ways. Becoming Queen of Makai and being waited on hand and foot was not her idea of fun.

Just when she was growing tired of dealing with Demitri and his constant requests for a duel, Morrigan's castle was suddenly sucked into the new dimension called "Majigen."

"What good timing... I was just wishing for a new playground." Morrigan felt the return of an old, familiar sensation.

From somewhere in the unknown, a sorrowful voice cried out to her, sending waves of heat through her breast.