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Piccolo (Power Awakening) (Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2) is alien
Of a race or species extraterrestrial in origin.
Piccolo (Power Awakening) (Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2) is purple_outfit
Best known for wearing a primarily purple costume.
Piccolo (Power Awakening) (Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2) is stretching
Able to attack with one's own limbs from a greater distance than ...
Marshall Law (Tekken 8) is nunchaku
Wields nunchaku in battle.
Bedman? (Guilty Gear: Strive) is lettering
Has English writing characters somewhere on their clothing or bod...
Bedman? (Guilty Gear: Strive) is crown
A ceremonial headwear often associated with royalty or deities.
Bedman? (Guilty Gear: Strive) is spiked
Body or clothing is heavily covered in spikes.
Bedman? (Guilty Gear: Strive) is robot
An artificial life form with no organic parts.
Bedman? (Guilty Gear: Strive) is tagalong
Character is accompanied by an NPC who may cheer / jeer him along...
Bedman (Guilty Gear Xrd) is sleeping
Character has moves/attacks or just an in-game demeanor that invo...
Spectre (DNF Duel) is longhair
Unbraided hair that reaches past a character's shoulders.

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