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Darkstalkers Fighters
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Aquatic Daredevil
Ricky (only son--Alba in JPN)
Personal quote
He must be in here . . . I'll come save you, Alba!

Darkstalkers / Vampire (JPN)
Night Warriors / Vampire Hunter (Japan)
Vampire Savior
Also playable in "Darkstalkers" mode in Playstation port.
Vampire Hunter 2
Darkstalkers Chronicle / Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service

The sparkling reflections on the surface of the deep green waters sent shadows dancing down onto the bottom of the lake. Emperor Rikuo, leader of the underwater empire located deep within the amazon, was out alone, exploring the uncharted territory far from his borders.

"I would not trade my beautiful kingdom for anything in the world. Nothing makes me more proud than to think that I belong to this place..." Some time after the fact, Rikuo would look back upon this moment and realize what a miracle it was that he was there, in that place, at that time.

A sudden explosion ripped through the calm waters, sending Rikuo straight through the surface of the water. "An underwater volcano must have erupted... what kind of fool emperor fails to predict such a thing...?" Rikuo had little time to continue down this path of guilt and self-loathing as his vision was swept away in a flash of white light.

When Rikuo regained consciousness, he found himself on dry land. Feeling a nervous tremor jerk through his body, Rikuo quickly scanned his surroundings for any potential enemies. As soon as he was certain he could not sense any life forms nearby, he began to relax... until he realized what this meant. "No... my people..." A deep fissure stretched out in front of him, and as Rikuo peered into its dark depths, he felt he might be peering into hell itself. All of the water from the lake had spilled down into this jagged opening in the earth, and the only thing coming out of it was an unmistakable aura of evil. Instinctively, Rikuo stood to face this evil.

"Is this your doing? Unforgivable!" Rikuo's eyes narrowed as he spat this declaration out at his new, but as yet unseen, enemy. For he who had lost his home and his people in one foul swoop, there was only one thing to live for now... vengeance. In order to accomplish this, Rikuo would have to set foot into the unknown world of the surface dwellers. Though unfamiliar as it may be, Rikuo would have to venture forward; as an emperor, and as the last merman alive.
Night Warriors
An underwater empire existed somewhere deep within the amazon, until the day the earth shook and opened under it, sucking everyone and everything down into its depths. The only survivor was the Emperor Rikuo, who had been deposited safely on the shore nearby. From his location, Rikuo could sense an evil intent. "How dare you... my empire...!" Trembling with anger, Rikuo set out into the unfamiliar world of the surface dwellers in search of the one responsible.
Vampire Savior
The ocean... this endless garden gave new hope as well as new concern to Rikuo and his family. Their new home was infinitely larger than the bottom of the lake that they were used to. Rikuo's only son, Ricky, joyfully explored this new world. Though they did feel a measure of worry, seeing that Ricky had grown into such a healthy young merman filled his parents minds with thoughts of a bright future and their faces with broad smiles. This picture of familial bliss was suddenly shattered when Ricky went missing. In his frantic search for his son, Rikuo ventured into unexplored territory and found a dark tunnel behind a strip of strong ocean current. "Ricky could be in there...! Hang on, son... I'm coming for you!" Rikuo could feel a dark evil force rushing past him with the current. The Water Emperor Rikuo's harrowing rescue mission had just begun!