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Turbo CD
as Fighting Street
as Capcom Arcade Hits Volume 1
Compilation release
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as Capcom Classics Collection vol. 2
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WiiWare/Virtual Console
as Fighting Street
Emulation of the Turbo CD version.
Nintendo Entertainment System
Industry catalog solicitations went out in both US and Japan, but the game was never released.
Did you know?
1001 Hadoukens [Show Image]
In the game "Aban Hawkins and the 1001 Spikes," the shop contains a karate gi outfit. On purchase, the main character Aban is roped into a scheme wherein he goes to "Fighting Street" and meets "warriors from around the world."

The costume is clearly SF1 Ryu down to the red hair, but includes alternate palettes for Evil Ryu, Ken, and Dan. In-game Aban's throwing knives are replaced with fireballs and hurricane kicks, and his high jump with an invincible shoryuken. Certain stages' music is replaced with a SF2-style remix of the game's main theme.

Kevin Fever
The first actual sequel to the original Street Fighter was actually Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight for the NES/Famicom. Contrary to urban legend, this was indeed a Street Fighter title in Japan, as well (known as 2010: Street Fighter, there), and it follows the character Kevin Striker across the galaxy to stop the evil scientist Dr. Jose.

When localized for the American market, Kevin's name was changed to Ken, and the story was re-written to having him retire from fighting, following the events of SF1, and become a scientist. Dr. Jose was changed to become Ken's friend and research partner, Troy.

Since 2010 is pretty far removed from Street Fighter, it is commonly assumed that since the Famicom/NES version of SF1 was canceled (having made it into catalog solicitations in Japan and the U.S., but never seen in any playable form), 2010 was an unrelated project that was slapped with the Street Fighter branding to appease customers.

Sadly, once the year 2010 did roll around, Capcom made no effort to even joke about this oft-forgotten chapter's existence.

Mural of an Arcade Industry Legend
On Birdie's SF1 stage, a graffiti piece is seen in the background on the wall that says "Bill Cravens" and show's a guys head. Bill Cravens (b. 1942-d. 2007) was actually a coin-op legend and a former Capcom USA VP of Sales & Marketing (as well as former president of Vectorbeam) that helped out bring the industry back at its feet after 1983's arcade crash and Japan's 1990’s slump.

Protoryuken [Show Image]
Prototype versions of Ryu and Ken exist in the ROM for the original Street Fighter. Limited to just one sprite each, these prototypes nonetheless show a number of differences compared with their final versions. Ryu's footwear and gloves are brown rather than red, his hair is shorter (more akin to subsequent depictions) and he has a meaner facial expression! Ken's prototype shows him wearing a red bandana, brown footwear and gloves whereas his final version omits the slippers and headband and changes the colour of his gloves to yellow. In addition, an unfinished arena is also present in the ROM. It is unlike any of the stages in the final game but clearly was abandoned early on in development as it is very rough; limited to just a black and blue outline.

Spiritual Street Successor
Tiertex developed a number of ports of Street Fighter, mostly for home computers with prominence in the United Kingdom. Using the same basic engine, they developed Human Killing Machine as a sort of pseudo-sequel.

Subtle in-game advertising
During the intro of Street Fighter the words graffited on the wall are all names of Capcom arcade games. From the top: [Legendary] Wings (1986), Section Z (1985), Avengers (1987), Trojan (1986) and Commando (1985).