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Yoshimitsu Variations
Fighter ID:
Blood Type
178 cm
Ninja Sword
63 kg
Fighting Style(s)
Manji-Style Advanced Ninjutsu
Leader of the Manji Ninja Clan
Watching sumo wrestling matches, surfing the Net
Villians and poor losers (in videogames), Bryan Fury
TV games, Video game arcades (especially those in Shinjuku, Japan)

Tekken 2
Tekken 3
Tekken Tag Tournament
Tekken 4
Tekken Advance
Game Boy Advance
Tekken 5
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Tekken 6
Tekken Resolute / Tekken Mobile (UK)
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Street Fighter X Tekken / Street Fighter vs. Tekken
Playstation 3
Tekken 7

King of Iron Fist Tournament
"I am peerless"
With Heihachi reinstated as the CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Yoshimitsu sensed something bad was afoot, and so entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament as way of confirming his suspicions.

His infiltration point would be the Mishima dojo. It seemed like the perfect location for collecting intelligence, and even though the building would act as the arena for his tournament match, Yoshimitsu approached from the air just in case.

When he entered the Mishima dojo, the place looked as though it had been hit by a typhoon.

Waiting for Yoshimitsu in the gloom was a charming young martial artist. Yoshimitsu couldn't say for sure, but he thought he seemed a little "tense...". Though his looks were enchanting, he also seemed dangerous, so Yoshimitsu braced himself for battle.
Bryan Fury
Spitting black emnity
Spitting black emnity
The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2
The leader of the "Manji Group", a group of notorious thieves. The scientist named Vasconovich, who once saved his life, has been abducted by Kazuya. Yoshimitsu will stop at nothing to rescue Vasconovich. To do so, he has entered the tournament.
The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3
Yoshimitsu is the leader of the Manji Clan, a notorious gang of Robin Hood-like space thieves. He entered the Tournament upon learning that his friend Dr. Boskonovitch needs Ogre's blood to live. Yoshimitsu now fights to save the life of the man who once saved him.
The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4
As the leader of the Manji Party, Yoshimitsu dedicated himself to providing food, medical assistance, and shelter to the ever-increasing number of political refugees around the world.

Unfortunately, with a constant lack of necessary funding and manpower, Yoshimitsu was unsure about the future of his organization.

When Yoshimitsu heard about The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, he envisioned a union between the Manji Party and the Mishima Zaibatsu.

With this dream in his mind. Yoshimitsu decided to enter the Tournament immediately. He must defeat Heihachi Mishima at any cost.
The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5
A ninja helping the poor.
While breaking into the Mishima Zaibatsu's vault, he found an injured Bryan Fury and helped him escape.

A month later, when Yoshimitsu visited Dr. Boskonovich's lab, he found his comrades dead. This was Bryan's thanks.

"He'll pay for what he's done." says Yoshimitsu.

Learning Bryan will fight in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Yoshimitsu sharpens his sword and enters the fray.
The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6
Yoshimitsu was following Bryan Fury to take revenge for his fallen comrade when he noticed a sinister aura emanating from the spirit sword. The weapon, by its nature, was in continuous pursuit of blood, driving its owner insane. Yoshimitsu had been suppressing the sword's power by supplying it with the blood of the malicious and evil; however, it was becoming more difficult to maintain the sword's balance.

Left unchecked, there was a chance the sword may cause chaos and destruction in its quest for a new owner. To prevent this from occurring, Yoshimitsu attained the Fumaken, a sword with the ability to contain the power of the evil sword. At the same time, he joined The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, where evil energy collected, hoping to return the balance of the spirit sword to its more stable state.
Street Fighter X Tekken
The Inheritor of the Demon Sword
As the mysterious head of the Manji clan, Yoshimitsu steals from evil companies and spreads their wealth to the poor. Although he has a serious temperament, he also shows flashes of stupidity. Believing that his demonic sword is resonating with the large mass of fighters who are searching for Pandora in the Antarctic, Yoshimitsu travels with Raven in order to quell his sword's cries.

Fun Facts
Bugs and Fishes
According to Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada:

"Regarding 'SAKE', this was included when we planned to implement a new animal character. But there were a few problems...

It was really a salmon so, no matter if you press punch or kick, the character just flops around making a flapping noise...

At the time, one play was 100 yen (a little over a dollar) so that is the quality bar to keep in mind for customer satisfaction.

So we thought players would get quite angry if they had to pay that much to play such a character, and we gave up on that character. That kind of character might be OK in a console version, but not for the arcade.

There's also 'INSECT' data buried deep in the ROM. That's another idea we had at the time. The idea was for an insect... a giant praying mantis! The idea resulted from a bug in the program in which all the characters arms, legs, and waists were extremely thin and they looked like a praying mantis.

It was actually quite interesting so we thought of maybe basing a character on that and calling it 'INSECT'. However, we had a lot of new characters like Jin, Xiaoyu, Eddy, and Hwoarang to work on so we didn't have the resources and had to give up on the idea."

"Sake"'s in-game data can (sort of) be accessed in the PS1 version of Tekken 3 with a cheat device; it uses Yoshimitsu's character model and Jin Kazama's moves.