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Dark Eternal Champion Variations
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Eternal Champions (CD)
Sega CD
Unlockable via code.

Pre History
The Dark Champion seemed to be created seconds after the Eternal, but this was a benefit since for many centuries the Dark Champion was able to perform his evil without the Eternal being aware of his existence.

Much like the Eternal, the Dark Champion had a sense of the upcoming doom, but he was the one who would benefit from it so it was his nature to find a way to ensure this future without interference.

What he did was expend double the energy the Eternal did to travel through time ahead of the Eternal and steal four key people that should have been in the contest. With this imbalance, the Eternal could hold the contest forever, and its effect would change nothing.

The problem was that by using the extra energy, the Dark Champion had to rest for many centuries before he could directly face the Eternal on even ground.

His home, the Cimmerian Complex, was also just a second outside of time, similar to the Eternity Complex. It was from this place that the Dark Champion watched the contest occur and fail over and over again.

He realized that the only way to settle this stalemate was to release the four missing champions and use his power to pervert and ruin the contest altogether.

If necessary, the Dark Champion is ready to confront the Eternal himself.