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Protector of Good
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"Good is the difference between chaos and evil."

Eternal Champions
Eternal Champions (CD)
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Pre History
The Eternal is unsure of what created him or how he was created, but he has existed since the first second of time.

Over many centuries, it has become clear to him that his power is directly related to the strength of humanity. It is though he is in a symbiotic relationship with humanity, and hence he must be the protector of this force.

From the first minute he became sentient, he had a feeling that a force had already changed the outcome of time so that humanity would be destroyed no matter what changes of course would occur. This was verified as he used his energy to move through time ahead of its natural flow to find this problem.

What he found was a group of people that had been killed before their natural time by an unseen influence. The problem is that by the time the Eternal had rescued all the people and come to the devastating end of time, he was drained of most of his power.

His only choice was to create the Eternity Complex, which stands outside the last second of time. Within this complex he has trained the lost champions for the contest. The contest is the only solution to his limited ability to only send back one champion.

Besides the physical training, all the champions have been allowed to view the entire expanse of history, its knowledge and discoveries. For some of the champions this will allow them great wisdom and abilities beyond their normal means if allowed to return.

At this point, time has become a circle for the Eternal, in which he has to run the contest again and again. Now aware of the Dark Champion, the Eternal is driven more than ever to find a way to save man before his force becomes so weak that he himself will meet the same mortal fate.