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The Sanctimonious Subgenius Who's Never Been Employed

sitting on following stuff:
fix KOF96 Maki/Chiz thing
G. Done's full name is Golden Done
Guilty Gear 1 endings
Golden Axe Duel endings (saturn ver has different text)
Fighters Hist endings
whp endings
galaxy fight endings
World Heroes move names from WH anthology

finish up samurai shodown! quotes, do arenas
"spinal cord decapitation" trivia just kind of hanging
breakers endings
world heroes 2 jet has a different ending on ngcd?
FF:WA backgrounds
Ranma hard battle dialogue/scenes (arenas too if they're not in there)
finish Divekick dialogue/scenes
samsho endings
Garouden review
some character in Butoden has a "Create New" move

would be nice
Shaqfu moves
pink theme - June stg?
capcom fighting evo has shit costumes
cosmic carnage all costumes both versions