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CyberGladiators / Cyber Gladiators
Fighting Game by Sierra

Brother Grimm
Death Row Jones
Madam Discipline
Master Pain
Nero Zero
Sgt. Mayhem

Resurrection and Revenge
Tiny Planet Id (Industrial Dump) was once the home base for the Quaaflax Alliance's top special tactics team - until it became their graveyard during a Gy Djin terrorist assault. The fighters' bodies were never found and Id became nothing but a radioactive wasteland, a dumping ground for the galaxy's military and industrial refuse.

Then it hit. Out of nowhere came a freak cosmic storm, lighting up Planet Id like a supernova. Toxic chemicals, military hardware, and radioactive waste fused together in a churning primordial soup. And out of the ooze crawled a strange, new life form: part military and computer hardware, part sentient life forms, these heavy-metal fighting machines came to be known as CyberGladiators. Looking mean enough to rip the lungs out of the universe, the Alliance was relieved to learn that the CyberGladiators intended to use their powers only to serve and protect. Strangely, these cybernetic warriors bear a startling resemblance to the Alliance heroes killed long ago in the Gy Djin assault. Have the lost souls of Id’s most devastating war been reborn in the planet’s animated remains?

Meanwhile... off in a far corner of the galaxy, the errant storm continued its path of destruction. Growing in force and dragging half of Planet Id's cosmic trash along with it, the storm slammed into the worst possible target it could find -- DungeonStar, a hulking deep-space prison built to cage the galaxy's most notorious criminals. Among its inmates was the demonic Gy Djin leader, Master Pain, locked in Terminal Bio-Freeze in the DungeonStar's deepest vault. In a cataclysmic storm of fire, steel, and cosmic radiation, the howling prisoners were transformed into something more dangerous than even the DungeonStar could hold -- a truly evil band of CyberGladiators. They emerged from the smoldering rubble with only one thing on their minds:revenge for their years spent behind bars.

Led by the ruthless Master Pain, the DungeonStar escapees launched their assault on an unsuspecting galaxy... but they now find themselves in a face-to-face showdown with the cybernetic enforcers from Planet Id. Special tactics expert, Sergeant Mayhem leads the counter-assault and vows to hunt his Gy Djin enemies all the way to Hell if that's what it takes to purge them from the universe.

Welcome to Hell.