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Decent Exposure [Show Image]
Plotwise, King's true gender was revealed during when Ryo split her shirt open with a Koh Oh Ken, a feat that could be replicated if it was used as the final blow in AoF1. This could also be performed on Yuri in AoF2, and even followed them both to the first few editions of KoF.

Her Majesty's Secret Substitution
"Yuri is a disciple of Kyokugen Karate but her appearances in the KOF series are frequently as a member of the women fighters' team. Originally in KOF '94 there was no such team and production began on King Billy Big Bear as the English team. But Art of Fighting 2 was completed at that time and the designers pressed to put Yuri into KOF, replacing her with Big Bear, who was presenting various problems, for various reasons (hah, hah) concerning capacity. Enter Yuri, goodbye Billy! (A tragedy, we know) And so the originally planned team started life anew as the mighty women fighters' team." from KOF 10th anniversary website