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Kung Fu Chaos / Kung Fu Panic
Fighting Game by Just Add Monsters / Microsoft
Kung Fu Panic (Japan) (Xbox)

Candi Roll
Captain Won Ton
Chop & Styx
Lucy Cannon
Master Sho-Yu
Ninja Fu Hiya
Shao Ting
Xui Tan Sour

Fun Facts
Kung Fu Story: Cancelled Sequel
After completing Kung Fu Chaos, Just Add Monsters worked on a sequel titled Kung Fu Story. Due to disappointing sales of Kung Fu Chaos, the project was ultimately scrapped. Just Add Monsters released two test footage, featuring what seems to be an updated design for the character Xiu Tan Sour, but beyond that little is known about the would-be sequel. Just Add Monsters would later on become Ninja Theory and move on to develop Heavenly Sword, which also happens to draw inspiration from martial arts flicks.