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Rag Doll Kung Fu
Fists of Plastic
2D Fighter (Platformer) by Tarsier Studios / Sony
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Master Sin
Master Tang
Sung Ling

Character Editor (Create A Character)
Players can use preset parts: head, body, hands, legs, eyewear/masks, and hats) to create their own character. Successfully completing challenges and trophy achievements will unlock more parts. Up to 5 custom characters can be made at a time.
Firefly (Boost Dash)
Activated by swinging the controller in the direction of a punch or kick. Consumes Chi.
Free Pose (Taunt (benefit))
Move the analog sticks while holding to L2 and R2 buttons. It's only useful in King of the Hill, where posing will net you more points while standing on the top platform.
Items/Weapons (Items/Weapons)
There are a variety of items at the player's disposal. They can be picked up by pressing R1 Some items can heal. Others are meant to be thrown. Shurikens once picked up, can be thrown by pressing square. Staff can be thrown using square or swung using the right analog stick.
Lightning Ball (Move Charge)
Shake the controller to conjure the lightning ball. The more you shake it, the bigger the damage and blast radius will be. Press square to throw the lightning ball. Conjuring a lightning ball consumes Chi. Press square button to throw the projectile. Character who is attacked while holding a lightning ball will drop it, making it possible for others to steal it.
Meditate (Life Recovery)
Turn the controller upside to meditate. Your character float in the air, regaining health. This move will consume your Chi meter.
Throw Moves (Throw Moves)
Pressing R1 can be used to pick up other characters as well as items.