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Over the Summer [Show Image]
Hidden beneath the datafiles of Advanced V.G. 2 and V.G. Custom are unused sprites of what seems to be Ayako Yuuki, Satomi Yajima, Jun Kubota, Kaori Yanase, and Manami Kusunoki sporting and posing in swimsuit bikinis. Wether these were made for some winpose or extra fanservice (we might never know), these sprites were ultimately left unused and untouched, yet remained inside the datafiles only to be leftovers.

The Man Behind the Risky Dolls [Show Image]
Takahiro Kimura, The designer and creator of the game series Variable Geo (and among many succesful animes: Code Geass, Goddanar, Betterman, GaoGaiGar, Gundam SEED, Kiddy Grade, The Viper series, etc.) is also behind the Asuka 120% series.

Would You Like Fries With That? [Show Image]
Many restaurant names in the game are a straight parody of real-life restaurant chains, the most prominent being Hanna Miller's (Yuka's Stage), which is completely based loosely on Anna Miller's.