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Queen of Heart Games
Fighter ID:
Queen of Heart 2001, The
Party's Breaker
Fighting Game by French-Bread

Suzuka Kazami
Mizuki Takase
Minami Makimura
Yu Inagawa
Eimi Ohba
Aya Hasebe
Asahi Sakurai
Reiko Haga
Chisa Tsukamoto
Ikumi Tachikawa
Card Master Peach Mizuki
Subaru Mikage
Reiko Haga '94
Azusa Hinomori

Fun Facts
Queen of Heart 2000?
The earliest prototype build of what would be known as The Queen of Heart 2001 had only @char=mizuki1_qoh@ and @char=onichiz_qoh@ as playable characters.
You're Uninvited To The Party!
The "subaru1206.exe" patch (Ver. 1.005) for The Queen of Heart 2001 is perhaps infamous for not just having @char=subaru_qoh@ as the sole new playable character, but also because of a teaser-like JPEG file called "uso800" extracted to the files in which depicts to be two characters (Makiko Sawada and Tsukasa Enomoto) on the game's select screen. It has been highly suggested that Watanabe Seisakujo were planning to release them on the patch along with Subaru, however due to some unknown circumstances, both characters were axed in the process prior to the patch's official release date.