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Nintendo 64
WiiWare/Virtual Console
Nintendo 3DS eShop
as Clay Fighter: Call of Putty
as Clay Fighter X-treme
Slated to release as Clay Fighter X-Treme on the PlayStation and the ill-fated 3DO follow-up, "M2", alongside the Nintendo 64 version. Never surfaced.
Sega 32X
as Clay Fighter 3
Originally developed for the 32X.
Did you know?
Dead and back
Lockjaw Pooch was originally part of the roster of Clayfighter 63 1/3 (he appeared in the box against T-Hoppy), but before the release was taken off this game and added a legend that said: "This animal was severely hurt in the making of this game. Rest in peace Lockjaw." after you finished the game, also with T-Hoppy crushing Lockjaw. As you can see, he's back for Sculptor's Cut, so he's okay now.

No-Go-Cop [Show Image]
There was a character named HoboCop, a self-made bum policeman, who was originally intended to be a playable character in Clay Fighter 63 1/3 and Clay Fighter: Sculptor's Cut. However, Nintendo decreed the character as too offensive; therefore, he was not included in either game.