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Any character who has ever been fightable in any fighting game ever. Includes characters only accessible as bosses or assists.

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A character who has come from the past or future through some method of time-traveling (time machines and portals are used as a rule).

Annin / アンニン
CoroCoro Comic
Banbanji / バンバンジー
CoroCoro Comic
Cell / Perfect Cell
Akira Toriyama
Cell (second form) / Semi-Perfect Cell
Akira Toriyama
Ebichili / エビチリ
CoroCoro Comic
Jen Scotts / Pink Time Ranger
Saban Entertainment
Kingduck / キンダック
CoroCoro Comic
Nicole / Spartan-458
Porky Minch / Pokey Minch
The Terminator / Terminator T-800
Orion Pictures
Trunks / Future Trunks, Mirai no Trunks
Akira Toriyama

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