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Any character who has ever been fightable in any fighting game ever. Includes characters only accessible as bosses or assists.

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Able to uniquely deal damage to themselves.

(Cyborg 004)
Shotaro Ishinomori
Android 16
(Jinz┼Źningen 16, Artificial Human 16)
Akira Toriyama
Dr. Boskonovich
(Dr. Bosconovich, Dr. Vasconovich)
Majin Buu
(Majin Boo, Good Buu, Fat Buu, Djinn Boo, Mr. Buu)
Akira Toriyama
(Saibaiman, Cultivar, Saibamen)
Akira Toriyama
Tokoro Tennosuke
(Jelly Jiggler)
Shonen Jump

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