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Bloody Roar Fighters
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Full Name
Cronos Orma
The Penguin / Phoenix
Kingdom of Zoanthropes
Psychological dependance on others
Prince of the Kingdom of Zoanthropes
To play with the people of his kingdom

Bloody Roar Extreme / Bloody Roar: Primal Fury (USA Gamecube)

Bloody Roar
Kingdom of Zoanthropes
People's cheer arises in a distance...
Cronos' attention is drawn to the uproar, and he pauses to wear his gloves.
When he raises his face, he sees himself in the standing mirror.
Looking back the days, he thinks he has used to this uniform....though he did not like wearing it at all a few years ago.
It is a foreign-made cloth that he had not seen, which is equipped with sensors in parts of arms and legs for the measurement. When he wears this, he feels as if he becomes a certain laboratory animal....His father says this is for a research that will be beneficial for Cronos and other Zoanthropes, but he doesn't know more than that.
......No, I haven't been aware of anything....
"I don't even know the true reason why my mother and friend, Jane died when I was a child. I heard that there was a war....for what? Why was my mother killed? Maybe, a catastrophe? Probably a calamity they do not want to tell me about happened...."
This country has been founded for the sake of "peaceful life of Zoanthropes," but I think something has been changing. I feel something has been taking place. When I know all about it....Cronos considers... does it conclude the incident.... or does it start an incident?
Honestly, it is fearful to find out the truth....but I must know it....for sure.
So, I stake myself so that the whole thing will be disclosed to me, if I win this tournament.
"Prince Cronos! It is time..."
"Yes, I know. I am coming...."
Finally, time has come for the tournament......