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Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda
Lord Shen has come a long way from the sickly albino peacock whose parents deemed him too weak and pitiful to deserve attention. Vowing to accomplish something so great that the world would never ignore him again, Shen relentlessly pursued his lust for power. Through his devious cleverness and the sheer force of his will, he created the most devastating weapon the world has ever known. In spite of all of his efforts, his fate -- as predicted by the Soothsayer --- remained the same. He was defeated at the hands of a black-and-white warrior named Po. Shen's fighting style is graceful and extremely fast. His attacks are a flurry of claws and feathers, interspersed with jabs and swipes of his ornate spear. The fact that he is small compared to some of his enemies is of little consequence - when he's at his best, it's hard to even get close to him.
Defeated By
Po tricked Shen into cutting through the ropes holding his own cannon. Upon realizing he'd been bested, Shen awaited his fate as his ship exploded.
Wolf Boss
Character has ended another characters life, directly or indirectly.