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Eternal Champions Fighters
Fighter ID:
Date of death
1815 A.D.
Fighting Style(s)
Monkey Kung-fu
Personal quote
"As a point of a needle can both heal and hurt so can a man. In my life I have done both, one by choice, the other by force."

Eternal Champions (CD)
Sega CD
Unlockable via code.

Pre History
Chin Wo was one of the best fighters in China but spent most of his time healing. One day a cousin of the ruling class challenged Chin to a fight. Chin refused knowing that if he won it would surely mean his death. Chin, a proud man, wouldn't lose either. This left him only one choice which was not to fight. The cousin made life very hard on Chin but he wouldn't budge from his decision. Finally, in a last attempt to get Chin to fight, the cousin killed an innocent street beggar and framed Chin. He told Chin that he could get the charges dropped if Chin would consent to a public fight. Chin at this point saw death in either choice and chose to accept the murder charges rather than give the cousin what he most desired. This choice led to his head being separated from his neck in a public execution.

If Chin was to win a second chance, he would stop the death of the beggar and settle the fighting issue on his own terms.

Fun Facts
Not enough room for everyone
According to Michael Latham (EP and designer of the Eternal Champions series), the character Dawson from Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark Side, was originally planned to appear in the first EC, but didn't make the first cut. Chin Wo and Blast, secret characters from Challenge From the Dark Side, were also planned for the original game as well. These characters were scrapped due to memory limitations.