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Bloody Roar Fighters
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Full Name
Hajime Busuzima
Other people
The Chameleon
Mad scientist
Himself, vivisection
67 kg (74 kg beast form)
191 cm (197 cm beast form)

Bloody Roar 2
Bloody Roar 3
Bloody Roar Extreme / Bloody Roar: Primal Fury (USA Gamecube)
Bloody Roar 4
Playstation 2

Pre History
"Why did this worm stop moving?"
It was a pure child curiosity. Why is this creature moving? Curiosity made him dissect insects. The boy was not brutal to tear off insect's tentacles or legs. He was only inquisitive for the insect. His grandma said, "The insect is dead." And after a while his grandma also stopped moving. He became very lonely. He wanted to know why living creatures would die. However, when he tried to see the constitution of the creature, it died. "But I do not want it to die....I want it keep on moving." "Y-E-S, I w-a-n-t IT mo-vi-n-g, e-v-e-n if the body is dissected, even if the tentacles are torn off, even if legs are cut off, or even if its head is chopped off."
"Yea.....I've GOT a good idea. How about making a creature which would not die even when its head is cut off, or tentacles or legs are torn off! Gya ha, ha..... Then everybody should be happy!!"
Spitting black emnity
Bloody Roar
As time passed..Release Battle Line of Zoanthropes
"He does not understand a thing!"
Busuzima was mad, because his peer with a hard head is trying to interfere his research.
"Is this man aware my study will result in making everybody happy?"
"I think he will understand if he becomes a Zoanthrope......I see.... he can't understand because he is not a Zoanthrope. OK, I'll convert him into a good looking Zoanthrope!"
"OOOOPppus, I failed!"
XGC (X-Genome Code) That Evokes Death
Busuzima, a mad scientist joins the organization that plans military use of Zoanthropes and repeats vicious human body experiment though himself is a Zoanthrope....
His ambition being smashed by righteous Zoanthropes, and being forced to lead days in despair, Busuzima considers the emergence of XGC to be a golden opportunity.
"Hya' ho! I can be reborn as a hero! If only I discover the generation source of this power, then I'm gonna be a tough man! What a smart guy I am!"
Kingdom of Zoanthropes
He is stuck now.
Although he has been continuing experiments of "an ultimate life object" in a small laboratory he rented spending his little money left, he is completely lost now which way he should go.
"Good grief, I've accomplished the study of the immortal part, but why is the life shortened with the counter-reaction? The immortal part was accomplished by Steven, as he was an expert in this area."
Steven has gone already.
Steven chased after Busuzima during the turmoil of the XGC (X-Genome Code), but he wasn't able to make it. He passed away a little before he was taking a vengeance on Busuzima.
"Steven was an idiot. He did not know his tether, though he had such great talent to reproduce humans as invincible creatures. The sacrifice could have been only small...but he didn't understand it..."
When Busuzima is thinking such things, the door of the laboratory opens silently.
"You, broad; you shouldn't come in without knocking when I am in the bad mood."
"Is this the way you greet me, though I come here to meet you after such a long time?"
"I could put your body in my experiment, if you don't behave yourself. I am just looking for research material to study immortality..."
"Stop bulldozing does not sound like yourself....I am sorry I set Stun on you. I never thought he was weakened that much."
"It's alright.... it is finished."
"But what are you gonna do if I say Stun is still alive?"
"I heard Stun has been reproduced in the laboratory of that country...they say Stun will be in the Fighting tournament."
"That country.......Ku, Ku, Ku,, I am happy to hear that, and I'm glad Stun's life is preserved. If that man is still alive, then there is a possibility of pillorying him.
Bloody Roar 4
It's been one year since the Crest Incident. Busujima could not get any good
results in the end, and spends his days in a lonely depression.

When the "Beastman Rampage Incident" started to cause noise around the world,
he stood, newly resolute!

"If I just lie around like this, I'll never catch the legendary animal and make
a new kind of beastman!"

Busujima headed into the mountains, searching for the animal. There, he met a
white fox. Not seeing Busujima, the fox got up and left the area.

"There's a legend in Japan about a nine-tailed fox, right? Alright, then!
Let's go catch that fox and build it up!!"

In the end, will Busujima be able to capture the fox?