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Uriko Nonomura Variations
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Fighting Style(s)
Shin I-Rokugoken
The Cat/The Half-Breed

Bloody Roar 2
Bloody Roar 3
Bloody Roar Extreme / Bloody Roar: Primal Fury (USA Gamecube)
Bloody Roar 4
Playstation 2

Bloody Roar
As time passed..Release Battle Line of Zoanthropes
URIKO is a junior high school student in the second grade, and the tragedy in the past is erased from her mind completely. But one day her mother is kidnapped. When URIKO notices her mother is abducted, she beastorizes herself for the first time in several years to rescue her mother, but she gets mental limit in deep phase because she is overwhelmed by the enormous beastorizing force, therefore becomes a halfway figure of a cat. Being formidable to beat mother easily, although mother is said to be the strongest among Zoanthropes, the kidnapper is not URIKO's opponent, and URIKO's mother is taken away.
Wishing to have mighty strength for rescuing mother and to find some clue, URIKO visits a Chinese Zoanthrope named LONG SHIN who is a martial artist.
XGC (X-Genome Code) That Evokes Death
When she was small, URIKO had the miserable experiences being kidnapped by the organization which planned military use of Zoanthropes, and being used as an experimental subject for manufacturing artificial Zoanthropes. Even after being rescued, her body has a troublesome constitution in which beastorization is completed only to the halfway because of the side effect of the experiment, but she is surrounded with warm family love to grow up, and is leading the peaceful life. Peaceful .......
Yes, it is peace.......
"It is P-E-A-C-E-F-U-L.... But there is nothing to stimulate, and it is boring. KAKERU does not play with me, and I wonder if there's anything interesting. Yes, I remember sis and YUGO were saying to go for investigation of XGC as it was something troublesome.
OK, I will go to investigate it, too."
Kingdom of Zoanthropes
The "Prototype Uranus" No. 1, Test equipped with the strongest attacking force, as well as alertness, gravity control, agility by gravity control, and it can maintain strong acid mucus inside the body.
It is said No. 1Test Body is the strongest third generation of man-made Zoanthrope, i.e., the ace card of ex-Tyron company, the incomplete ultimate weapon, the reckless evil which can cause havoc, and the walking nuclear warhead, etc. etc.
It is unable to put it under control because of the enormous power given, so this type, "Uranus" is detuned and less expensive since the wreaking power is suppressed......
"So I heard: therefore I was expecting a monster to appear, but what a amiable sleeping face she has! Sweetie, your belly is exposed...Oh, please do not scratch too much. She seems drooling.... Well, wake up! It is time already!"
"ZZZZZZzzz, who are you?"
"My name is written on this business card of mine...I asked your mother about you in downstairs, then she told me to go upstairs and wake you up. So, I am here..."
"My goodness, your business card is written in English. I can't read English."
"Then, let me explain briefly. We are having Fighting tournament in the near future in our country, and I want to invite you to the game. I am here to ask for your participation."
"You mean, it is an athletic game????"
After this conversation, I spent three hours in her bedroom to wake her up, but even my unconquerable toughness and patience were not able to diminish her strong instinct of sleeping, and I couldn't help retreating from her bedroom.
(Next time, I will prey her with food......Hurrah!)
Bloody Roar 4
When Uriko was walking around town, she came upon the scene of some grade
school students gathered around and prodding at something. When she got closer
to see what was going on, it looked like what they were poking at was a white

Uriko shouted, "Hey, hey!! Don't you pick on animals!!" The children, shocked
from sudden shouting, scattered off in all directions. Perhaps out of grat-
itude, the dog lept at Uriko, and licked all over her face. Then, biting at the
hem of her clothes, the dog pulled at her, and led her off somewhere.

"H-hold on--! Where are you taking me?!" Unable to resist, she was led off by
the white dog.

Uriko called to the dog. "Hey, what's your name? Is it on your collar--? Oh,
you aren't wearing one. Well, I'll name you, then!"

The dog looked at Uriko mysteriously.

"Let's see're white, so maybe 'Haku-chan' would do," she selfishly
[NOTE: "Haku" means "white," "chan" is an affectionate "san."]

"Well, maybe a cuter name would do better! Let's's been decided! Your
name is 'Pakupon!'"

And so, the white dog(?) became arbitrarily named "Pakupon" by Uriko.