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Fighter ID:
April 3
Blood Type
Favorite Food(s)
Ice cream
The Crazy Climber
Fighting Style(s)
Muay Thai (Self-Taught)

Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive 2
Dead or Alive 3
Dead or Alive Ultimate
Dead or Alive 4
Xbox 360
Dead or Alive Dimensions
Nintendo 3DS
Dead or Alive 5
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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
Playstation 3
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
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Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive
The Funky DJ
Zack has incredible fighting instincts, and
learned Muay Thai just by imitation. A funky DJ
with a positive attitude and original sense of style.
Dead or Alive World Combat Championship
Reporter: We're here with Mr. Zack, who is about to participate in the DOA championship. Mr. Zack...

Zack: Where's the camera? Are you sure you've got my best side?

Reporter: Mr. Zack, uh, that's a little too close to the camera. Great. So I understand that you studied the ancient martial art Muetai...

Zack: Hey man, sorry-you know what I mean? Gotta Go. Thanks for your support. It's gonna be a cool night. The prize is mine.

Reporter: Sir, I ...

Zack: Sorry, man. Be cool. This tournament rocks!
Dead or Alive 2 World Combat Championship
His muscular strength and rare kick boxing style grabs the attention of all that witness his fighting. He is a self-taught genius of Thai boxing. He re-entered the "Dead or Alive World Combat Championship" to feed his hunger for public attention and to win the prize money. Because of his frank and funky personality, his popularity is growing.
Dead or Alive 3 World Combat Championship
Zack, the funky dude who taught himself Muay Thai, returns to DOA.
One day, after spending all his winnings from the last DOA tournament, Zack realizes he has a problem.
He has forgotten to do what he always wanted to do - enjoy the many luxuries of a Las Vegas vacation!
In order to whip up some cash for his Vegas trip, Zack is back in his combat mode, heading for DOA.
Dead or Alive 4
The infamous Zack Island, a tropical casino resort, has sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Now all that remains is a mountain of debt, one hundred times the size of the original investment. Even the normally aloof Zack will have a hard time recovering from this blow... or so everyone thought. Zack's sights are already set on his next conquest: the DOATEC Tritower, three enormous pillars stretching up to the sky... "I gotta climb this thing!"
Dead or Alive Dimensions
Dead or Alive Dimensions
Energetic and constantly cheerful, Zack always wants to be in the spotlight. He is an unorthodox kickboxer with incredible fighting instincts. Zack always believes in having a good time and never lets anything get him down.

Fun Facts
Zack's Partner
Niki, who is Zack's partner or girlfriend can be seen in Dead or Alive 4. Enter DOA Online and then go to Zack's Shop.