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Fighter ID:
April 16
Jirisan, Korea
Blood Type
Full Name
Hong Yun-seong
Hair Color
White Storm (Chinese Sword)
Fighting Style(s)
Seong Style Long Sword and Natural Footwork
Father / Died from illness. Mother / Whereabouts unknown. Master / Seong Han-myeong.

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SoulCalibur 3 / SoulCalibur III
Playstation 2
SoulCalibur 3: Arcade Edition / SoulCalibur III: Arcade Edition
SoulCalibur 4 / SoulCalibur IV
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SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny
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Soul Edge
Soul Calibur 2
"If you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you."
-Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Around the time Japan became unified, tensions were mounting in the neighboring country of Joseon Dynasty Korea. When a country in disarray comes together as one, it often means one thing: The country is close to expanding overseas.

Because Korea was adjacent to Japan, they fortified their defenses in order to be ready for a Japanese invasion at any moment. The coastguard, under the command of Navy Admiral Lee Sun Shin, was a part of that defense. With a distinguished admiral at the helm, many promising youths joined the coastguard. The country had high expectations for its maritime defenses.

As a young boy, Yun Sung entered the Seung dojo where Hwang Sung Kyung, the renowned coastguardsman who served under Admiral Lee, learned his skills. Hwang-who was 14 years his senior-was a hero to Yun Sung.

Time passed, and Yun Sung matured into a hot-blooded, reckless young man. He became well known in the dojo, even by his seniors. Recognizing his potential, Master Seung Han Myong took him under his wing and taught him directly. By this time, Hwang, whom Yun Sung had idolized as a child, was no longer his hero. Rather, he was now a man who Yun Sung avowed to surpass. In order to prove his skills, the youthful and enthusiastic Yun Sung wished to fight Hwang-a man who had traveled the world twice in his search for the Sword of Salvation.

Even his seniors looked forward to Yun Sung's future. Although he was temperamental and emotional, they knew that his heart was pure.

One day, news reached the Seung Dojo that Hwang was returning from his long journey. Yun Sung saw this as an opportunity. He was in top condition, in both body and mind. Yun Sung was convinced that he could make Hwang acknowledge his fighting skills. Not only that, he might also prove that he was actually stronger than Hwang.

Wiser from his long journey around the world, Hwang ignored the challenge. Disappointed that his mission to find the Sword of Salvation had failed, Hwang rejoined the military to defend his country from the impending Japanese invasion.

Yun Sung was dissatisfied that Hwang ignored his challenge. Seung Mina, the master's daughter, saw the brooding Yun Sung and handed him a single-handed sword. "How long are you going to sulk like that?" she asked him. "You're still such a child. Take a good look at your reflection in this sword, and think things through."

The weapon she handed to Yun Sung was a Seung family heirloom. According to legend, it possessed the ability to reflect the deepest thoughts of those who held the blade.

That night, Yun Sung studied the image of himself in the sword, and thought about what he should do. An array of thoughts and feelings entered his mind.

He realized it was foolish to challenge someone for personal reasons when the country was in such peril. But what could Yun Sung do to make Hwang acknowledge him? Yun Sung mulled over his options. He then realized that if he could obtain the Sword of Salvation that Hwang had failed to find, Hwang would be forced to recognize Yun Sung's talents and respect him. A challenge against Hwang would have to wait until after Yun Sung saved the country.

Save his motherland and prove his strength-this allowed him to achieve two goals in one fell swoop. He was quite pleased with his plan.

Once Yun Sung made his decision, he could not stay put for long. He immediately packed his belongings, wrote a letter to his master, and left the dojo. Upon hearing rumors that a pirate from Ryukyu (present day Okinawa)-whom Hwang fought to a draw four years earlier-took the southern route to Europe, Yun Sung decided to take that same path without a moment's hesitation.

During his journey, Yun Sung learned of the true abominable nature of the Sword of Salvation, and became tormented as to what to do. Nevertheless, he continued his search, which brought him ever closer to the evil blade. But the message that Japan invaded Korea was what solidified his resolve.

Yun Sung did not care if Soul Edge was evil…as long as he could make Hwang respect his skills and defeat the Japanese invaders.
Soul Calibur 3
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
-Walter Bagehot

Several months had passed since Yun-seong had left his home country in search of Soul Edge, known as the Sword of Salvation. However, he had also heard rumors that Soul Edge was an evil weapon. Mixed emotions ran through him.
One day, he heard the story of a fortress city overlooking a river that had warred with neighboring nations over a fragment of Soul Edge and had eventually been destroyed. He followed rumors of children who had survived the wars and were living in a city up the river. Tracing the riverbank and its line of giant waterwheels, he soon found the watermill he sought. He announced that he was looking for Soul Edge, and the children greeted him happily and innocently--all except one.

A girl named Talim who was living with the children looked at him with a stern gaze and warned him of the dangers of Soul Edge. Yun-seong was taken aback by being admonished by a young girl, but he quickly recovered his spirits. He then noticed the boy, the children's leader. The boy, who was lying sick in bed, gave a brief startled look upon hearing the name "Soul Edge."

"He knows something..." Yun-seong mused. He decided to stay in the watermill for a while and wait for an opportunity to question the boy.

While the children quickly grew fond of Yun-seong, the boy avoided him. This situation continued for a while. Talim had devoted herself to treating the boy, but the results were not promising. Seeing the look of sorrow that appeared on her face, Yun-seong felt that he had to do something, too. He spoke to her every chance he had, and the disheartened Talim recovered a little of her smile.

Seeing the boy's condition worsen, Talim announced that she would begin a drastic treatment. She said that she was willing to accept the risk, but the boy refused.

"It hurts too much...My body, and the burden I'm placing on you all, too. I just want it to end." The boy vented his anguish.

Yun-seong stopped the boy from arguing with Talim and the other children and stepped forward to convince him.
Once they were alone together, the boy looked sadly at Yun-seong and began to tell the story of his past. Yun-seong listened silently.

"I want to tell you everything." the boy said. The boy was the son of the lord of the fortress city. His father had obtained a fragment of the cursed sword and, possessed by the fragment's power, soiled his hands with terrible human experiments in an effort to draw out that power. He had even used his own son as a test subject. The result of the twisted experiment was the thick, dark energy now dwelling within the boy's body.

The neighboring countries had attacked, sensing the danger of the fortress city's activities. The lord of the city had eventually gone mad and begun an indiscriminate slaughter. Eventually, someone killed the lord, and everything had come to an end.

"These kids here with me were also going to be used in the experiments. I'm glad I was able to rescue them. But in order to do so, I..." The boy clenched his fists tightly and hid his face.

After the boy had finished speaking, Yun-seong stood up wordlessly, drew his sword, and placed the hilt in the boy's hand.

"This sword is a treasure passed down through my teacher's family. It is said that the blade shows what lies in the depths of the heart of the one who holds it."

The boy gazed at his own reflection in the blade.

"What do you see? The figure of a demon filled with twisted power? Somehow, I don't think so. Don't give up before the end. You made the right decision."

The boy was silent for a while after hearing Yun-seong's words, then, in a voice barely above a whisper, said,
"Thank you."

After the long ritual, the boy recovered his health. Yun-seong rejoiced at their recovery, but Talim, who had performed the ritual, appeared to be pondering a new puzzle. One day, she suddenly left on a journey.
"I still had things I wanted to ask her!" Yun-seong hurriedly made preparations to leave. As he bid his farewells, the boy said to him,

"I'll tell you everything I know about that evil sword. But I want you to promise me that you'll make sure with your own eyes that the sword is really what you think you seek. I trust in you." Yun-seong nodded fervently at the boy's words.

It was said that the knight with the giant sword ravaging the lands to the west was the wielder of Soul Edge. Having accomplished his goals here, Yun-seong set out for the west. When he reached his journey's end, his true strength would be tested--with this premonition building in his heart, he turned his eyes to the path before him.
Soul Calibur IV
Yun-Seong was traveling with Talim, a girl he had met in Asia Minor. When they saw a temple in Egypt that had been demolished, he knew the power of Soul Edge was real. When he crossed paths with his kinswoman Mi-Na, however, she was of a different opinion. "Soul Edge is an evil pwoer that brings only disaster. There's no way that thing will save our country!" It was just a matter of time before she would drag him back home with her, and so he slipped away once Mi-Na nad Talim were asleep.

Yun-Seong headed west, and soon neared Ostrheinsburg, the stronghold of the Azure Knight. There he sought out the solitary warrior who had gone into the ruined castle and managed to return alive. Increadibly, the warrior turned out the be Hwang, a swordsman whom he had idolized growing up. Unable to mask his surprise, Yun-Seong listened to Hwang's story.

Hwang had been tasked three imes with finding Soul Edge, and tried to destroy it. Now even Hwang, who Yun-Seong respected more han any other man, believed the sword was evil. The knowledge shook Yun-Seong to the core, but his own opinion would not be swayed. When Hwang saw that Yun-Seong remained as determined as ever, he said, "Go, and find your own answer."

With courage and conviction he had never before known, Yun-Seong turned toward Ostrheinsburg. He would have faith in his own strength and seek his destiny!