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Cao Cao

Sango Fighter / 武將爭霸: 三國志, Wǔ Jiàng Zhēng Bà: Sānguózhì

Sango Fighter
Sango Fighter
When goblets are brimming then song is near birth,
Life passes as the dew drops fly swiftly away.
But sorrowful thoughts in one's heart often arise.
How can we clean away the sad thoughts that intrude?
With bumpers of wine such as Du Kang once brewed.
Gone is my youthful days, and still ungained is my desire.
The deer call joyfully when feeding the level plain.
My noble guests are gathered round,
The air is trilled with joyful music, bright my future lies before me,
As the moonlight on this plain; but I strive in vain to reach it.
Sadness grips my in most heart, when shall my wish attain?
Far north and south. wide east and west, We safely seek; vain is the quest.
The stars are paled by the full moon's light,
The raven winged southward, circles the tree thrice,
Finding no place to rest thereon, they weary not the high mountains.
Duke Zhou no leisure found by day or night,
Sterm toil is his who.would the Empire gain.