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Full Name
Jake Querious
146 lbs.

Way of the Warrior

Pre History
Born and raised 1,100 miles from the nearest neighbor in the Australian outback, Jake Querious knew no other children while he was growing up. In fact, until he was 17 his parents neglected to inform him that there were other people on the earth besides him and them. By six years old Jake was more than able to fend for himself. Gone for weeks at a time with nothing but his trusty staff, Jake survived on the meat of the snakes that were attracted to him by the rattlesnake rattles that adorned his belt. It is these rattles that would later earn him his nickname.

On his seventeenth birthday Jake's parents decided that it was time for him to find a wife. They gave him some money (which took some explaining) and pointed Jake toward Melbourne. 22 hours later, slightly tired but full of anticipation, Jake and his handy staff entered the first brightly-lit building that he had ever seen.

Jake stood awestruck in the entrance of the Rowdyhouse Bar and Grill for nearly 30 seconds before the local toughs tried to relieve him of his money. Not 30 seconds later the proprietor was offering Jake a shot as he swept out the half-dozen toughs who now littered the floor. Jake took the shot of whiskey, gulped it down, and mysteriously blew his first fireball.

He never went home.