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Soul Edge Fighters
Fighter ID:
Blood Type
Fighting Style(s)
Dual Mantis Style
Gatekeeper (Wave Sword)
No family, Master / Zasalamel

SoulCalibur 3 / SoulCalibur III
Playstation 2
One of the bonus characters created to further highlight the Create A Soul feature.
SoulCalibur 4 / SoulCalibur IV
Playstation 3

Soul Edge
Soul Calibur 3
This man, now a slave to Zasalamel and his secret arts, used to be a famed man within the circles. But no one spoke of his name. The greatest assassin of all time, he never revealed his true name to others.

He grew up in the underworld, and he did whatever it took to survive. In the process, he had become a first rate assassin. He terminated his targets without fail, and if anyone even hinted at betraying him, he showed no mercy, not even towards his clients. He served no one. Many a scheming soul had sought to take him under their control. However, if they went too far a sure death awaited. Eventually no one harbored such thoughts, and even the most powerful men feared him. But even he grew old, and those that feared him dwindled in number.

One day a young man appeared before him. In his hand was a large scythe. His eye that gleamed in the most extraordinary way was the last thing Revenant saw as a living human being. As the scythe tore his flesh, he was reminded of an old man he had killed. People referred to him as a magician. In his final vision, Revenant saw that old man in this young man's eyes. Was this man, who would have his revenge even after death, a true sorceror...?

There his life ended and his thoughts froze.

Approximately ten years since that day, it looked as if his decayed skeletal body had forgotten everything. There may be memory still left in those hollow bones, yet he had no way of communicating them. A pawn in Zasalamel's quest to end his eternal life, perhaps Revenant also dreams of the day this quest would be complete, when he will be released from Zasalamel's grip.