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14 years
155 cm
The refreshing magic of sound

Groove on Fight / 豪血寺一族 3

Power Instinct
Groove on Fight
Remi is the only daughter of a high class family. Her family is descendant of an evil witch that lived in Japan several years ago (a secret kept by all the family members). Remi's father is a famous musician and her mother is a prestigious fashion designer.
She is calm and classy and her motivation to fight is show to the world the power of music.

Remi is one of the most popular students in her school, not just for her beauty, intelligence, or refined manners, but for being able to use magic. Some of her classmates introduced her to a girl named Popura Hananokoji, who also has magic powers, and since that day Popura and Remi have been very good friends.

One day Popura invited Remi to her home to play and practice magic tricks. There she met Popura's mother, who told them some anecdotes of her youth. Popura showed a special interest about the tale of a martial arts tournament where her mother participated when she was teenager.

Several days later Popura went to visit Remi and asked her to participate in the tournament that her mother talked about. However, Remi wanted nothing to do with it, arguing that her parents would never give her permission to participate in an event like that (and also because Remi is against violence). But Popura found Remi's weakness and told her that if they became the winners of the tournament she will have the money to offer concerts around the world to help the poor people. With that as her dream, Remi finally accepted Popura's proposal.