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Eternal Champions Fighters
Fighter ID:
Date of death
1802 A.D.
Full Name
Raven Gindar
Hair Color
Voodoo priestess and healer
Fighting Style(s)
Hsing-i Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do
Personal quote
"Real magic is only given to true believers, otherwise it perverts into the worst type of evil."

Eternal Champions (CD)
Sega CD

Pre History
Raven was from a long line of Arawak healers and was herself a great healer in her tribe. She possessed a magical hourglass that had been handed down from generation to generation which allowed her to completely control very small segments of time. The healers used the hourglass sparingly because it sapped the life-force of its user every time it was activated.

Raven and many of the other Arawak women were abducted by a Carib raiding party and brought back to the village of Shengo on the island of Trinidad. Once in the Carib village, the women were integrated into the new society. Over the years, Raven became highly respected for her white magic abilities and the villagers revered her as a powerful voodoo priestess.

The admiration that the villagers felt toward the young healer didn't sit well with the aging Carib high priest, Raknook, who was feared by the villagers because of his use of black magic against his rivals.

Late one night, Raknook feigned illness and sent for Raven. As soon as she was alone with the priest, Raven sensed she was in danger. Before she could react, Raknook cast a dark spell that turned the power of Raven's hourglass against her and transferred all of her life energy into his withered body, killing her and rejuvenating him in the process.