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Fighter ID:
April 1, 1971
Full Name
Clifford Smith
Staten Island, New York City, New York
Ticallion Stallion, Meth Tical, Johnny Blaze, MZA

Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style / Wu-Tang: Taste the Pain (EUR)

Pre History
Born in Long Island, New York, Meth moved to Staten Island at the age of 13 where he met RZA and his cousins, GZA and ODB, Method Man joined them in what at the time was the original Wu-Tang Clan.
Meth was a hit from the beginning of Wu time and has since released two solo titles of his own entitled 'Tical' and 'Tical 2000 - Judgement Day.' An extension of his forceful yet methodical style, Method Man wields a heavy sledge hammer against his opponents. Meth can inflict tremendous damage from both long an dshort range. Although it's great size prohibits fast attacks, if used in Meth's traditional 'methodical' style, the hammer is about the most devastating weapon in the game.