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Soul Edge Fighters
Fighter ID:
Recently born
March 9
Full Name
Ashlotte Maedel
Hair Color
4' 9"
493 lbs.
Krnielk (Halberd)
Blood Type
Sacred oil blessed by incantation
Created by two priests of Fygul Cestemus

SoulCalibur 4 / SoulCalibur IV
Playstation 3

Soul Edge
Soul Calibur IV
The heathens had been pushed by Astaroth to the brink of annihilation, and the cult's survivors did their best amidst the confusion to preserve their lives. Thus it was that two priests who survived the struggle came up with this plan; Astaroth, who had brought this great misfortune upon them, must be put down. Since attemtps to control the golem, created based on a human being, had ended in failure, then what they needed was a soldier devoid of a soul!

After many months, she (or technically "it" since the creaton was not strictly alive) was complete. An artistic mass of gears and shafts locked together in an intricate and arcane configuration, what the world would come to call a "machine", made this executioner doll tock, while features of unparalleled grace masked the inorganing components within. However, though she appeared to talk and act just like a real human, they had stripped her of he neeless murmurs of emotion, and fixated her on the soul purpose of eradicating the traitor. The heathens had put their all into this "Iron Maiden," pushing their technology to the limit to create a true masterpiece

Ashlotte emerged beneath the light of the sun sending tremors through the hall-collapsed underground shrine crumbling into ruin. But not even the resulting roar fazed her. She simply set off across the desert to complete her appointed taskl disappearing, at last, into the horizon.