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Indy car racer
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Jeet Kune Do borrows techniques from various schools of martial arts. Jacky brings his own style with mercilessly fast move chains and combos that keep opponents on the defensive.

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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
Jacky is the older brother of Sarah Bryant. When Sarah was being targeted by the mysterious organization J6, he resolved to take them down in order to protect his sister. Now he is taking part in a new kind of fight as he collects information to prepare for the inevitable showdown with J6.
Sarah Bryant
Characters are brother or sister to one another.
World Fighting Tournament
Second World Fighting Tournament
One fateful day, hotshot race driver and Jeet Kune Do master Jacky Bryant was separated from his sister, Sarah, when she was kidnapped by an underground syndicate. After years of searching, he learned that Sarah was being trained for combat and was considered tops in the art of Jeet Kune Do. When the first World Fighting Tournament was announced, Jacky took the challenge in the hopes of finding and rescuing Sarah from the syndicate. But once a winner was declared, Sarah vanished. Jacky spent the next years training for the ensuing bout he knew would come. This time he plans to win the championship and take Sarah back for sure.
Third World Fighting Tournament
In 1990, Jacky was involved in a car crash. His sister, Sarah, was kidnapped while investigating the accident. When he recovered, Jacky went off to search for Sarah and discovered that she would be in the First World Fighting Tournament. Jacky entered it to get revenge against the organization and to rescue Sarah, but he failed. More determined than ever, Jacky trained for one year to improve his skills and became a Jeet Kune Do instructor.

In the Second Tournament, Jacky finally managed to save Sarah. But unable to remember anything, Sarah decided to go and live in New York alone. One day, Sarah suddenly phoned him and asked him to take part in the Third Tournament. In order to protect Sarah from the Organization and hopefully help her to regain her memory, Jacky decided to take part once more.
Fourth World Fighting Tournament
With Sarah back in his life and the Third Tournament behind him, Jacky was anxious to return to racing and work on his driving abilities. But only 3 months prior to his first comeback race, Jacky’s sponsors were mysteriously attacked. During the same week, Jacky received a letter ordering him
to enter the Fourth Tournament if he wanted the attacks to stop. This threat was more than enough to convince Jacky to begin training and enter the tournament once again.
Fifth World Fighting Tournament
Jacky could barely contain his anger against J6, the mysterious organization that was after his sister,
Sarah. He was goaded into entering the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, but then had to deal with the disappearance of Vanessa, who had been guarding his sister. Even in his races, the continuing series of incidents, including sudden pull-outs by his sponsors and improbable mechanical breakdowns, seemed to indicate someone tampering with his racing career.
J6 was behind everything, and unless the organization itself was destroyed, there would be no end to
Jacky and Sarah’s troubles. With this new realization, Jacky was determined to put an end to J6.
With almost perfect timing, the invitation to the fifth tournament arrives.

Fun Facts
The Littlest Racer
In both Jacky and Sarah's endings in Virtua Fighter Kids, Jacky is seen as the driver of the Hornet No. 41 car from Daytona USA.