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Fighter ID:
4' 1"
80 lbs
Special Skill(s)
STR 8 DEX 18 AC 8

Iron & Blood

Iron & Blood
Ignatius Max, the Halfling Thief
Ignatius Max is a thief with few peers. The halfling has learned to compensate for his lack of stature and strength with unnerving speed and mischievous cunning. As a young halfling, Ignatius Max quickly grew bored with the staid country life of his village and ran away to the city of Waterdeep. There, he was forced to survive by his wits. He not only survived, but thrived as well, quickly mastering such thieving arts as pickpocketing and lockpicking. What started out as acts born out of necessity grew into more and more brazen acts of highly skilled thievery.

Ignatius Max gained notoriety for his theft of the crown of Montavia, which he stole directly from the head of the sleeping monarch even as a phalanx of guards stood watch over his chambers. He’s gained the enmity of the priests of the Black Hand for his heist of the Tome of Ulroth during the middle of their black ritual. The hill giant Angor has pledged a king’s ransom for the head of Ignatius Max, who robbed the hill giant blind and sliced off Angor’s pony tail for a trophy before escaping his chambers completely unscathed. Ignatius Max now steals only when a challenge to his great skills is presented to him. Cocky, stealthy, and lightning fast, Ignatius Max is a deceptively dangerous foe.