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Hwang Seong-gyeong Variations
Fighter ID:
Hwang Seong-gyeong / Hwang Sung Kyung
Created by Namco
August 8
Jirisan, Korea
Blood Type
Korean Navy
Fighting Style(s)
Hwang Shi Dadao Shu
The Hero in the Warlike Age
Blue Thunder (Chinese Sword)
Parents / Deceased, Master / Seong Han-myeong

Soul Edge
Regularly playable in second arcade revision.
Soul Blade
As Hwang Sung Kyung.
SoulCalibur 3 / SoulCalibur III
Playstation 2
SoulCalibur 3: Arcade Edition / SoulCalibur III: Arcade Edition
SoulCalibur 6 / SoulCalibur VI

Soul Edge
Soul Edge
Hwang Sung Kyung, was born in a poor, yet peaceful family. He grew up strong and healthy despite the warlike age. His childhood memories of his parents were of brave people with a strong sense of justice. However, their righteousness was their downfall. His parents' death was a painful experience to overcome.

Now, he is a man. "I was protected by a lot of people. Now, it is time for me to protect others." He enrolled himself into a dojo to learn the long blade. He had an innate talent for it. He practiced as much as possible. It didn't take him too long to become the best student. At last, he could have a private lesson from the school's master, Seung Han Myong.

Master Seung was happy to have such a talented young student. He had a child who was still small yet very talented. However, one thing worried him about his child. It was a she, instead of a he. Master Seung seemed to be seriously thinking of adopting Hwang as his son.

Master Seung didn't get a chance to talk with Hwang about it. The world was plunged into a dreadful situation. Among the Asian countries, Japan first settled its civil war and started invading the main land.

It is not too late! People rallied under the Sea Force admiral Lee Sun Shin and prepared to defend their mother land against the coming invasion. They started building fortresses along the coast lines. A Coast Guard was formed and Hwang was first to volunteer.

Those who were eager to devote their lives to the savior of their mother land, were fervently talking about the Legendary Patriot Sword, "Soul Edge," that they had heard of from the West.

When the rumor spread to every part of the country, Hwang was ordered to search for Soul Edge.
Soul Calibur
Rumor of an impending invasion of his homeland reached Hwang during his quest for Soul Edge, the "Sword of Salvation." He immediately cut short his quest and returned to his country, but not before dragging home Seung Mina, the runaway daughter of his master Seung Han Myong.

Not long after Hwang joined the Coastal Defense Force, he received news that Mina had run away from home again. Irritated by the news, Hwang lost his better judgement and caused his men to fall into a pirate's trap, resulting in the loss of many lives.

Hwang's superior, Admiral Lee Sun Shin, dismissed him from the Coastal Defense Force for his debacle and gave him a new set of orders. To aid his good friend, Seung Han Myong, Lee ordered Hwang to search for Mina under the guise of seeking the Sword of Salvation.

Hwang immediately understood the true nature of the Admiral's orders and departed for the West again.
Soul Calibur 3
Hwang returned from his second quest for Soul Edge to the navy that daily prepared for invasions from neighboring countries. Upon returning, he reported that Soul Edge was a destructive sword, not one of hope. Hwang was then challenged by those that believed Soul Edge was the sword of salvation. General Li of the navy defended his subordinate from as much criticism as possible, but he still had to suspend Hwang for a month. Hwang returned the sword, Blue Thunder, to the general and left the navy. He did not believe that his report was incorrect, but he had failed the general whom he had the utmost respect for.

While under suspension, Hwang stayed at his master's dojo. There he sensed a presence near the dojo. He captured, interrogated the suspect and learned that the suspect was a spy from Japan. The next day, Hwang was called by senior officials. It seemed that Japan was planning a search for Soul Edge. It was hard to believe that Japan would only send one spy. It was more likely that they had obtained information of Soul Edge -- that it was a weapon that they were searching to fight Japan.

The senior officials feared the invasion of Japan with Soul Edge. Within that day, Hwang received a new mission. It was a selection based on his past record. He had no real achievements from his two previous journeys, and some feared he was not suited for the mission. However, he was the only one with knowledge of the outside world.

"Travel the world and find those agents that seek Soul Edge for Japan and dispose of them. Make sure it does not fall in the hands of the enemy. And if possible, bring back Soul Edge."

General Li gave Hwang his mission and returned Blue Thunder. Hwang immediately read between the lines. The General trusted him. The general believed that his mission will lead to the defense of this country.

Hwang, convinced that Soul Edge was evil, headed toward the capital before his departure. Luckily, the Soul Edge zealots had gathered fragments of the cursed sword, and Hwang stole them to dispose of them. It pained him to lower himself to stealing, but he felt that leaving behind remnants of the sword was for too dangerous. Before the commotion grew, he left the capital and headed for the west border and then to the great continent of the west.

If a person of power in any country were to become obsessed with the cursed sword, it was readily imaginable that the country would fall into turmoil. Enemies or not, he was not ready to watch the innocent suffer. Hwang promised himself he will stop the cursed sword from taking any more lives.

He had learned from Seung dojo that his fellow disciple Yunsung and his master's daughter, Seung Mina, already departed to the west. If they would join him on his journey, nothing would be impossible -- even the destruction of Soul Edge.