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Huang Zhong

Sango Fighter / 武將爭霸: 三國志, Wǔ Jiàng Zhēng Bà: Sānguózhì
Sango Fighter 2 / Fighter in China 2

Sango Fighter
Sango Fighter
Lofy as is heaven above earth was the spirit of the general;
Who, even at his old age, suffered sorrows in the South;
Fought until his last breath with no thought of resentment,
A surrendered fighter though, he would never forget the shame.
Praised be his sword, gleaming snow-white, and his god-like bravery,
Consider the mail-clad steed snuffing the wind and rejoicing in the battle,
That warrior's name shall stand high and its brightness be undiminished.
While the cold moon sheds her light on the waters of Xiang and Tan.