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Soul Edge Fighters
Fighter ID:
November 3
Jirisan, Korea
Blood Type
Heart & Soul Girl
Scarlet Thunder (Zanbatou)
Fighting Style(s)
Seung Style Longsword + Ling-Sheng Su Style Rod
Seong Han-myeong (father), Unnamed mother (deceased), Unnamed brother (deceased)

Soul Edge
Soul Blade
As Seung Mina.
SoulCalibur 2 / SoulCalibur II
Playstation 2
Only available in the US and European console versions.
SoulCalibur 3 / SoulCalibur III
Playstation 2
SoulCalibur 3: Arcade Edition / SoulCalibur III: Arcade Edition
SoulCalibur 4 / SoulCalibur IV
Playstation 3
SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny
Playstation Portable
SoulCalibur: Lost Swords
Playstation Network
SoulCalibur 6 / SoulCalibur VI

Soul Edge
Soul Edge
"Leave me alone Father! I am determined to find the sword." Seung Mina struggled against her father's grip as she tried to leave his school at Chii mountain in Korea.

"Stupid girl! Get back inside now!"

"You treat me like a baby! I'm doing this for our country!"

Having been born into a strict family of martial arts teachers, Mina grew up surrounded by weapons. She has excellent knowledge of martial arts and her horse-sword technique is superior to even her father's. However, because of her cute looks, she had been teased by the neighberhood boys and treated like a girl.

"If you ever call me 'cutey' again, I'll beat you with something harder than this stick!"

There were a lot of beaten boys in Mina's neighborhood. Her father, Han Myong taught her to be well disciplined and always to be faithful and true. She grew up healthy and strong. Han Myong thought "She's strongwilled, but it's all right if she stays here and obeys me."

However, the independent girl has other thoughts on her mind. The ever-changing political situation in Korea had become serious, too serious to be called peace. War and invasion was avoided only by the fact that other countries were embroiled in their own problems. However, neighboring Japan geared up for outward expansion and conquest.

In these troubled times, suppression was turned to as a means of control. Everyone living in that difficult period knew what that meant, "You could be next...". In preparation for invasion from neighboring countries, the patriotic people of Korea begin to build fortresses along their shores. Their leader is Le Shin Jin, the admiral of the coastal defense force.

Then a rumor emerges of the "Patriot Sword - Soul Edge". The rumor spreads faster than the blink of an eye and eventually reaches Mina's ears. Mina has grown into a patriotic young maiden. Barred from joining the coastal defense force because of her gender, she jumped at this opportunity.

"If I find this sword, I can save my country. I must look for it!"

After packing, she set out on her journey. But her father discovered what she was up to and caught her. "Hwang has already been sent after the sword by government order. What if the rumors are false?"

Hwang Sung Kyung was the best student and swordsman at her father's school. He had already started his search for the weapon. There was a possibility that the rumor could be another scheme, but Mina had already decided to leave. "I am sorry, father!"
Soul Calibur
Seung Mina ran away from home to follow Hwang on his quest to find Soul Edge, the "Sword of Salvation." Unfortunately for Seung Mina, Hwang drageed her back home when he found her.

It was not long before Seung Mina ran away from home again. Her frustrations with rigorous training, combined with a marriage proposal from one of her father's pupils, sent her over the edge and out the door.

Seung Mina resumed her quest for the sword, but gained a valuable lesson along the way. Following a humiliating and utter defeat, she learned never to underestimate an opponent's abilities.

She underwent further training during her travels to refine her skills, and now she was ready to renew her quest for the Sword of Salvation.
Edge Master
Has imparted some or all of their fighting prowess upon another.
Soul Calibur 2
Mina began training with the zanbatou at an early age and grew to be a skilled warrior.

During that time, Lee Dynasty Korea was clamoring about for Soul Edge, known to them as the Sword of Salvation. Hwang Sung Kyung recruited from the Seung dojo to search for the renowned weapon.

When Mina found out about this, she disobeyed her father's orders and ran away from home on a quest to find the sword. Unfortunately for Mina, Hwang dragged her back home when he found her. Shortly thereafter, she was forced to restart her arduous training.

One day, Yunsung--who was a student of the dojo--left with one of the Seung family's heirlooms called White Storm. Because Mina was the one that had lent the sword to him, she felt obligated to bring Yunsung and White Storm back to the dojo.

Han Myong was resistant at first, but he eventually gave in, out of fear that she would run away for a third time if he did not allow her to go.

By the time Han Myong realized that Mina would get involved with the search for the Sword of Salvation once again, she was already out of the country.
Soul Calibur 3
The sun beyond the mountains glows;
The Yellow River seawards flows.
You can enjoy a grander sight
By climbing to a greater height.
-"On the Stork Tower," Wang Zhihuan

It all started from a coincidence.

Seong Mi-na traveled throughout Ming, continuing her search for Hong Yun-seong, a pupil from the Seong dojo, and Soul Edge, the Sword of Salvation. In one city, she got involved in a fight. After defeating a brawny man, one of the onlookers casually remarked, "Ah, that's the Ling-Sheng Su style! Very impressive, girl!"

When she thought about it, the man who had taught her how to use her weapon had never given a name for the style. This fighting art was a solid part of her now, but she didn't know where it originated from. Mi-na became interested and decided to visit this temple famous for its martial arts.

"It's a bit out of my way, but oh, well..."

Casually investigating the temple, she learned that it had been destroyed several years before. There were no survivors from those who had lived at the temple, and the cause of the incident was unknown. Naturally, Mi-na abandoned her plans to visit, but when she heard that a master of the temple's martial arts was still alive, she jumped at the information.

It was a white-haired old man who awaited Mi-na in the temple cave deep in the mountains. This man, named Edgemaster, was rumored to be a master swordsman who had mastered every kind of martial art and technique. He had suffered an injury and was now resting his body. After she inquired about the staff fighting technique of the Ling-Sheng Su temple, she was unable to hide her disappointment at being unable to challenge him to a match.
Still, she had come all the way out into the mountains--it would be a waste to just go back. Also, while he did nothing to intentionally reveal his skill, her instincts told her that the old man before her was a true master. After she repeatedly begged him for a match, Edgemaster finally gave in to Mi-na's request.

"Fine, fine, if you insist that much."

The two of them stood silently for some time, weapons drawn. There was no opening for her to attack. Mi-na had not merely trained at the dojo, but experienced real battles in her travels through foreign lands. She could tell. The moment she stepped in toward him, what change would occur in the staff he held so casually? Facing his quiet yet overwhelming presence, she could feel sweat roll down her brow.

"We'll never get anywhere at this rate!" she thought to herself. The only way she would find an opening was to make a forced attack and strike when he left himself vulnerable. Breaking free from her paralysis, she charged at Edgemaster.

She suffered a total defeat.

No matter how many times she attacked, she received a decisive blow after trading only a few strikes. Their skills were on completely different levels. It was more of a training session than a match. The old man reassured her that she was doing well, but for Mi-na, the outcome was very disappointing. Seeing her frustration, the old man suggested that she spend some time training here.

Mi-na gladly accepted his offer. During breaks in the training, she told the old man stories of her travels. The man showed little interest in matters of this world, but when she spoke of the purpose of her journey and Soul Edge, he showed a reaction for the first time. Stroking his beard, he began to speak, informing her that Soul Edge was a cursed sword that devoured souls.

She found his story difficult to believe, but she knew that a man like him would not lie. That meant that Soul Edge was hardly a Sword of Salvation, but rather a Sword of Ruin. But Mi-na realized something even more important. Yun-seong, who sought Soul Edge just as she did, didn't know about this. She had to stop him! There was no time to waste. She thanked Edgemaster for everything and prepared for her journey.

"I'll see you again!" Mi-na yelled as she ran off. The old man waved his hand slightly in response to her enthusiastic farewell.

"It might be fun to bring Yun-seong along next time..." With that thought on her mind, Mi-na left with the rising sun and put the sword master's dwelling behind her.
Soul Calibur IV
Soul Edge drove its wielders insane and harvested the souls of all who drew near. The sword was a destroyer of nations!

So said the hermit, a sword master of the mountain temple, and Seong Mi-Na was shaken to the core. She thought about Yun-Seong, who had been like a younger brother to her. He must still be searching for Soul Edge, ignorant of he truth she had just learned. She had to find him and warn him!

In Istanbul, the city where East meets West, Mi-Na found Yun-Seong. She admonished him, "Soul Edge is an evil power that brings on disaster. There's no way that thing will save our country!" It had been some time since Yun-Seong had been subjected to Mi-Na's scolding, and while he listened to her without voicing dissent, his face clearly showed he felt otherwise. By the next morning, he had disappeared.

Mi-Na shook her head in disgust, Then Talim, the young girl with whom Yun-Seong had traveled, spoke to her. "He's headstrong, but a good person. In the end, I'm sure he'll make the right decision." As she lisened to what Talim said, Mi-Na could tell Yun-Seong's journey had made him more mature. He had left to continue his quest. She had to follow him, so that she could be at his side and help him make the right choice when the time came.

Talim told her of a second sword that was soul Edge's direct opposite. COuld that be the Sword of Salvation? No matter; time was running short. She had to hurry to Ostrheinsburg, stronghold of the Azure Knight who held Soul Edge, and find Yun-Seong before it was too late!