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October 31, 2072
Spaceship Rescue HAR

One Must Fall 2097
One Must Fall: Battlegrounds

One Must Fall 2097
Corporate WAR
The Chronos HAR was designed to lend a few precious moments to space ship rescue. It comes in several sizes, from 1.5 meters to the largest 27.5 meter model. The main feature of the Chronos is its Stasis Field Generator, a diamond-shaped machine in the middle of it's chest. The robot is designed and built to channel the energies from this machine for various uses during time-critical rescue missions.

The energy from the Generator can be focused on the mech itself, causing it to phase out and reappear nearby. This helps the 'bot get to locations much faster than running, while taking less energy than conventional matter transfer. When the Chronos comes against solid matter, it can center the Generator on that matter to form a brief doorway, allowing passage through the solid material to its destination. Probably the unit's greatest use centers on the Stasis Activator that the Generator can expel. When this Activator connects with solid matter, it forms a Stasis Field which stops time for a brief period. This is especially useful for containing explosions, slowing effects of poison on a living creature, or stopping objects in motion.

Many companies have also noted the possible uses of Chronos in combat situations.
One Must Fall: Battlegrounds
One Must Fall Again
Created in 2072, Chronos pioneered time-alteration technology by using it in space rescue operations. After several decades of advancement, Chronos' abilities have been honed for use in the arena. Chronos can build energy and store it in special crystals, unleashing it at will to trap opponents in stasis fields, move instantaneously to new locations, or launch a flurry of punches in the blink of an eye. Though Chronos' crystals are powerful, they are volatile, and can detonate if jostled or damaged