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Paradox Development Fighters
Fighter ID:
35 (at death)
November 15, 1968
Date of death
November 13, 2004
Full Name
Russell Tyrone Jones
Dirt McGirt, Joe Bananas, Ol' Dirt Schultz
East New York, Brooklyn, New York City, New York

Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style / Wu-Tang: Taste the Pain (EUR)

Pre History
Just about the most outspoken member of the Wu-Tang, ODB has become recognized for his brutal honesty. He became equally well known for some of the most outrageous lyrics in hip-hop as demonstrated on his solo release entitled 'Return to the 36 Chambers The Dirty Version.' He has also served a vital role in the greater Wu family. Like his lyrical style his masterful 'drunken' fighting style, a favorite of the Wu-Tang, can be devastating against any opponent. With the number of different positions he can attack from the enemy is never sure from which direction the next blow will come, nor where it will land. He has perfected the art of ground fighting, and uses the earth itself to smash his opponents to bits.