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Character Biography
March 25, 1762
Kikoku Island
Blood Type
Different than human blood
Fighting Style(s)
The Way of the Evil Path
150 cm
The sinister smiles of his family
Azami (Claw)
67 kg
Full Name
Gen-an Shiranui (不知火 幻庵)
The color of his skin when he gets angry
Personal Treasure(s)
"The bones of my demon ancestor" rumored to have slain a line of heroes long ago." (Actually, it's just a pteranodon's skull)
Special Skill(s)
Extracting people's medulla oblongata

Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkakuden
Playable Character (Arcade Release)
Portrayed By: Masahiro Okazaki
The strongest warrior in the Shiranui family, Gen-an. He retained the title, THE KING OF EVIL. But he just stayed home with his family, and helped his wife in the kitchen.

He helped the kids do their homework. And had a fabulous garden.

Gen-an lived a long, happy life, and became known as the Nicest King of Evil in the World.
Before Battle with Makai Gaoh
Do you want to join with evil? You look the part!

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