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Garlic Jr. Variations
Fighter ID:
Makyo Star
Garlic Sr. (father, deceased)

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 / Dragon Ball Z: Sparking! NEO (JPN)
Playstation 2
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 / Dragon Ball Z: Sparking! METEOR (JPN)
Playstation 2

Pre History
A denizen of the Makyo Star, Garlic competed with Earth's current guardian for the position of Kami. Garlic was turned away because the proctoring Kami saw the malicious ambition in his heart, thus the position was given to the Namekian who would eventually split into Piccolo Daimaou. Garlic waged a war on Kami, and was subsequently sealed in a Negative Space realm known as the Dead Zone.

Hundreds of years later, Garlic's son, Garlic Jr., returned to have his revenge on Kami. He wishes for immortality on the Dragon Balls and begins his vendetta. Piccolo, Goku, and Krillin come to Kami's defense, and Garlic Jr. transforms into a gigantic, muscular version of himself to increase his power. He attempts to suck the heroes into the Dead Zone, but is knocked into the portal by Goku's son, Gohan, and becomes trapped.

A few years after, the Makyo Star's orbit becomes aligned with Earth's, allowing Garlic Jr. to escape the Dead Zone. Once again lusting for revenge, he traps Kami and his assistant Mr. Popo in a jar, then unleashes the Black Water Mist, a vapor that is capable of controlling peoples' minds. With Goku still unaccounted for following his battle with Frieza, it is up to Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin to defend themselves against Garlic Jr., his henchmen, and even their own brainwashed friends. Piccolo feigns possession, and bites Krillin, getting him to play along as well, and they too, face off against Gohan. At the right moment, Krillin and Piccolo reveal their ruse, and Garlic Jr. re-opens the Dead Zone. Gohan destroys the Makyo Star, entrapping Garlic Jr. within the zone once again, but this time, without a loophole to bring him back.
Characters are known to have fought, but the outcome is unclear or otherwise undecided.