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Bloody Roar Fighters
Fighter ID:
Full Name
Alan Gado
Hair Color
194 cm
The Lion
105 kg
Former mercenary, commissioner of the United Nations

Bloody Roar / Beastorizer (Arcade)
Bloody Roar 2
Bloody Roar 3
Bloody Roar Extreme / Bloody Roar: Primal Fury (USA Gamecube)
Bloody Roar 4
Playstation 2

Bloody Roar
Tylon's Intrigue
Gado is a professional mercenary and military genius. His life was once filled with glory and the blood of his foes. But everything changed when he took part in a mission with his best friend, Yuji, some years ago. His union of armies was crushed by a combined force of superior zoanthropes and a hostile army that appeared out of nowhere, armed to the teeth. Gado, who was seriously injured and lost sight in one eye, has thrown himself into battle in search of his missing friend, Yuji, and to discover the identity of the enemy. His lone struggles against the lurking evil form the backdrop of his existence.
As time passed..Release Battle Line of Zoanthropes
King of Zoanthropes who laments the world being in chaos.
Tylon's intrigue was prevented, and consequently the existence of "Zoanthropes" became known widely in the whole world. Humans fear severely the existence of "Zoanthropes" because their fighting ability easily exceeds that of ordinary people, and as a result, discrimination and prejudice are made while fights start among humans and Zoanthropes. Lamenting the situation, GADO starts action calmly to discern "the young leader" who is strong enough to become the "bridge between Zoanthropes and humans."
XGC (X-Genome Code) That Evokes Death
GADO performs his mission energetically as a commissioner of the United Nations to reconcile humans with Zoanthropes. Himself is a Zoanthrope and he has been respected internationally for his dignified words and valiant actions he performed in many battlefields he was engaged as a mercenary when he was young.
GADO has accomplished marvelous results using the tenacious techniques in the international negotiation, but this time he agonizes because no effective solution has been found for the "XGC" uproar. And to make the things worse, the sign of "XGC" has appeared on his skin, too.
He said to himself,
"There still should be something I can do to pass on worthwhileness in the world to the next generation of Zoanthropes and humans. If it is true that there is only little time left for lives of the Zoanthropes with "XGC", then I'll take the lead and challenge the fate."
GADO once made up his mind to cease fighting to devote himself for the future in the world, but now he abandons his dignified status to save the future with his comrades, so he decides to return to the battlefield.
Kingdom of Zoanthropes
"Who is it?"
There is a faint sign of somebody on a sofa in the center of the dark room. Gado switches the light on, then a familiar face is seen.
"As usual, security system is meaningless for you."
Gado sighs and sits down on another sofa facing her.Almost emptied brandy bottle is placed on the table with an ice bucket, which is her style.
"It is one of my best bottles. Will you give me a glass of brandy, too?"
She takes a glass out from the cupboard without saying a word, and pours the rest of brandy in it.He receives it, and sips it slowly.
Gado is almost puffing out the brandy, which is about a few hundred francs per one sip.
"What are you going to say suddenly?"
She turns her face away sullenly, which she seldom does.Gado sips brandy again making an allusion to her attitude.
"I heard that you were going to take charge of the tactics this time."
"Well, yes....but this will be the last one for me. I can say this time my mind assimilates the plan. I will also be able to meet some of my old friends."
Then, the woman abruptly stars at him.
"I will never let you interfere my business anymore. The research facility over there will DEFINITELY be mine!"
As soon as she says so, she leaves the room stamping the floor violently.
"Good grief, a woman is arcane......"
Gado turns his head as if he tries to shake off what he saw, and bottoms up the brandy glass.
"What I should do is achieving my job successfully."
Bloody Roar 4
The world has once again become wrapped up in an ominous "Beastman Rampage

Gado was using all his energy working as a commissioner for the U.N., and
again tasted the frustration of not being able to get involved directly with
the incidents. Just then, he got news that his daughter, whom he loved dearly,
Jeanne, went missing.

Unable to just sit there waiting, in order to find out about the whereabouts of
his daughter, Gado threw himself into the beastmen's battle.