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Eternal Champions Fighters
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Date of death
110 B.C.
Fighting Style(s)
Capoeria Fighting
Personal quote
"I may have been created by man, but a man I'm not."

Eternal Champions
Eternal Champions (CD)
Sega CD

Pre History
Trident is so named because of the trident which replaced the hand he lost in a duel with a shark.

The people of Atlantis during this time lived above the water. They were competing with the Romans to see who would control the Earth's surface, with the loser being plunged into the watery depths.

The Atlanteans spent their time in the pursuit of science. They realized early on that a major part of the land was going to sink into the ocean. To handle this, they built great environments that were enclosed in bubbles so that they could survive the ocean's depths.

They then offered a fair settlement to the Romans. Half of each culture would stay on land, and the other half would go to sea. The Romans would not agree, and would only settle the issue through battle. So the Atlanteans had no choice but to create a warrior that could stand up against the warlike Romans. Trident was their champion.

The Romans rigged the fight and crushed Trident under a large stone pillar. With this loss, the Atlanteans were forced unnecessarily undersea, and their culture was lost forever.