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Eternal Champions Fighters
Fighter ID:
Date of death
1993 A.D.
Hair Color
Ninja assassin
Fighting Style(s)
Taijutsu (ninjutsu)
Personal quote
"A moral code is only required for the weak who don't know the difference between wrong and right."

Eternal Champions
Eternal Champions (CD)
Sega CD

Pre History
Shadow was the best corporate assassin in the Black Orchid Corporation. She performed many tasks ranging from individual elimination jobs to ending large corporate takeovers.

A true star at the Black Orchid headquarters, Shadow never thought much about the morality of her career until she learned that if a job wasn't completed to corporate satisfaction, a person just like herself would in turn eliminate her.

When she realized the peril of her own morality, Shadow found she couldn't bring herself to kill others. The corporation didn't allow any resignations, so they arranged her fall from the 101st floor of the Black Orchid building. This stopped her from telling the world about Black Orchid and corporations like it, with all their dark secrets of hired killers.

This knowledge would have had a huge impact on international business going into the 21st century.

Fun Facts
Spin-offs Ahoy!
Despite Eternal Champions' mediocre popularity, it was at least popular enough to warrant two spin-off games: X-Perts for the Genesis starring Shadow Yamoto, and Chicago Syndicate with Larcen Tyler. Both games surrounded around the premise that the aforementioned character had survived the attempt on their respective lives that killed them in Eternal Champions (thus hinting that they each won the tournament). The United Kingdom "Sonic the Comic" also published a story called "Larcen's Revenge", teaming Larcen and Shadow together for revenge against the crime boss who would have had Larcen killed.