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Eternal Champions Fighters
Fighter ID:
Date of death
2100 A.D.
Eye Color
Fighting Style(s)
Jeet Kune Do
Hair Color
Bio-chemical Scientist
Full Name
Mitchell Midleton Knight
Personal quote
"When the science of man attempts to step beyond the mortal realm, its mortality will be the most likely price for such knowledge."

Eternal Champions
Eternal Champions (CD)
Sega CD

Pre History
Mitchell worked for the CIA on loan from Interpol. Born in London, Mitchell was one of the best bio-chemical scientists working in the intelligence community. The CIA needed Mitchell to work on a bio-chemical weapon to end the Vietnam War. Mitchell created a virus that would weaken its victims until they hung near death, waiting for the antidote.

The virus was to be introduced into the water supply of Vietnam, but Mitchell wouldn't stand for that much human destruction. He stole back his formula and fled back to London to hide. Unfortunately, Mitchell was cornered at the airport by both Interpol and CIA agents. During the escape, Mitchell fell from a nine-story building into a chemical storage vat used by the airport. The force of the impact broke the seal of the virus container and released the virus into the chemical vat.

This mixture created an unexpected result. Mitchell was transformed by the mixture into a living vampire. Using his newfound cunning and strength, Mitchell escaped and fled to London where he spent the next 133 years vainly searching for a cure for his disease. No longer identifying with his past, Mitchell came to be known as Midknight.

The cure had become more important since the government used the virus during the Vietnam War by using the contents of the airport chemical vat. Many of the third-world countries were now overrun with living vampires. Midknight was also running out of time because his body, with the exception of his neck and face, was rotting away. This rotting was due to the fact that Midknight wouldn't kill another person to renew his life energy.

Midknight was about to solve the last hitch in the antidote when a government agent killed him by firing a magnesium stake through his heart.