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Fighter ID:
Date of death
2030 A.D.
Fighting Style(s)
Full Name
Jonathan Blade
Hair Color
Bounty Hunter
Personal quote
"If you're coming on, come on!"

Eternal Champions
Eternal Champions (CD)
Sega CD

Pre History
Blade was one of the best cops that ever worked in the future. Born in Syria, raised in Africa, Blade was dedicated to the extreme, working some of the meanest parts of New Chicago.

He had, however, one small problem: his temper. After almost being killed several times by a suspect during a case, Blade finally caught up to him. The suspect again tried to kill Blade, who was able to sidestep the laser shot and grab the suspect.

Being only human, Blade was out of patience. He proceeded to beat the suspect to near death. The suspect survived, and sued the police. The police fired Blade to hush the scandal, and he ended up moving back to Syria to become a bounty hunter, which allowed him better use of his quick temper.

His final case dealt with a rogue scientist who had escaped a government bio-weapons lab. The scientist was threatening to smash open a vial containing a virus that would kill 95% of all human life if the government didn't stop all bio-research. The Syrian government hired Blade to safely retrieve the vial. Blade agreed on one condition: they wouldn't interfere. They agreed.

He cornered the scientist in an alley and radioed that the scientist agreed to peacefully give up the vial. The government had followed Blade, and took this moment to make their move. When shots from laser rifles filled the alley the last image that Blade saw before he died was the smashed and open vial of the virus.