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Nyotengu Match Start vs. Mai/Kula Dialogue in Dead or Alive 6
I know not your face. Come, let us see what you can do.
Shaolin monk and Champion of Earthrealm. Liu Kang was an orphan adopted and...
The daughter of Jax Briggs. Jacqui defied her father when she joined the Sp...
10,000-year-old assassin and Princess of Outworld. Shao Kahn married Kitana...
Tribute collector for the Outworld Empire. Born into poverty, the Kollector...
Mai Shiranui Match Start vs. Eliot/NiCo/Marie Rose Dialogue in Dead or Alive 6
Don't cry to me if you get burned.
Shadow of the Netherrealm. In life, Noob Saibot was known as Sub-Zero. Unju...
Marie Rose Match Start vs. Mai/Kula Dialogue in Dead or Alive 6
Dear guest, let me show you around.
B-list celebrity, recipient of no acting awards. Following a string of lowb...
Soul Sorcerer and historic host of the Mortal Kombat. Born in Earthrealm, ...
Diego Match Start vs. Mai/Kula Dialogue in Dead or Alive 6
Such a famous person is my opponent? Nice!
Decorated officer of the Special Forces. Sonya braved the Mortal Kombat tou...
Blood mage and Imperial Bodyguard. Skarlet was a starving wretch before Sha...
Hayate Match Start vs. Mai/Kula Dialogue in Dead or Alive 6
This won't take long.
Osh-Tekk warrior and Emperor of Outworld. Years ago, Kotal saved the Empire...
Ryu Hayabusa Match Start vs. Mai/Kula Dialogue in Dead or Alive 6
I feel a storm is coming.
The offspring of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade laid the smackdown on Shinnok ...
Arms dealer and leader of the Black Dragon. Kano prides himself as the ult...
An artificial construct, built by Kronika, he faithfully serves her goal of...
Cyber-enhanced officer of the Special Forces. Jax Briggs lost both arms in ...
One among many Kytinn, a swarm of sentient insects who share a hive mind. D...
Emperor of Outworld. For millennia, Shao Kahn dominated the realms, rapidly...
Honoka Match Start vs. Mai/Kula Dialogue in Dead or Alive 6
You look strong... But, I will do my best!
Hitomi Match Start vs. Mai/Kula Dialogue in Dead or Alive 6
Please test your skills against mine!
Christie Match Start vs. Mai/Kula Dialogue in Dead or Alive 6
Are you lost? Hell is this way.
Schwarzerblitz on Windows
Marisha Ray
American actor, wife of Matt Mercer.
Matt Mercer
Creator of live-action Smash Bros. parody series "There Will Be Brawl" and ...
Troy Baker
"People always ask me how to get into acting in video games. There are two ...
Michael Buffer
Llllet's get rrrready to rrrrumbllllllle!
Charlie Adler
Prominent voice actor, primarily of cartoons.
Dan Castellaneta
Jim Cummings
No introduction necessary.
Joe Alaskey
Prolific voice actor most prominently featured in Looney Tunes media. Died ...
Neal McDonough
American actor. Despite his respectable career, he was also M. Bison in the...
Phil LaMarr
Former Mad TV star and face-shot victim from John Travolta.
Keith Ferguson
American voice actor.
Randall Duk Kim
American actor with a wide range of roles, including The Matrix Reloaded, J...
Mick Wingert
American actor, best known for his voice matching of Jack Black, but with a...
Bobby Holliday
Voice actress and doctor of clinical psychology.
Margaret Tang
Voice/casting director.
Kari Wahlgren
American voice actress whose breakout role was as Haruko in FLCL.
TJ Storm
Born Juan Ricardo Ojeda, Storm is a 6' 2" martial arts god who found his wa...
Akira Yasuda, the famous Capcom character designer of yore.
Nakoruru Single Round Victory Dialogue in Samurai Shodown (2019)
Arigatō, Mamahaha.
Takeshi Kusao
Japanese voice actor, husband of Yuka Saitō.
Yuka Saitō
Japanese voice actress, wife of Takeshi Kusao.
Eric Vale
Elder Goddess of Virtue, Guardian of Life. When Shinnok threatened to conqu...
Every generation, the Great Spirit chooses a worthy warrior to become Nigh...

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