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A button
Press the "A" button.
A Continuation Of A Dream
Doujin developer. Also known as "夢の続き". Developed Alice Senki and Alice Senki 2, which contains various characters from AliceSoft.
Abby Trott
Voice actress. Also sang the intro theme to Smash Ultimate.
Accend Inc.
Makers of Violent Vengeance - The Universe Hero.
Well known for continuously pumping out ports and licensed games, most of which of dubious quality. Folded in 2004, resurrected as an MMO company two years later.
Defunct developer with a mixed bag of classics (Turrican, Test Drive) and crap (Bubsy, Ballz).
Taiwanese developer
The first third-party developer in console game history. Known in the golden ages for Atari 2600 classics such as Pitfall! and River Raid. They rarely do stuff in-house now, and are most known for series that suffer from sequelitis, such as Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk.
Adam Baldwin
Actor, bigot.
Adam Harrington
American voice actor, best known as Bigby in The Wolf Among Us.
Adam Howden
I'm really feeling it!
Adam Winters
American voice actor.
Alpha Denshi Corp., Ltd. While they were around before the Neo Geo, their heyday was undoubtedly on that system. Apparently absorbed into SNK at some point around the Neo Geo's demise.
Advanced Pico Beena
A second educational console from Sega and their final console outing. Released in 2005 and supported until at least 2011. Like its predecessor, its fighting games content consisted of a bunch of tokusatsu titles that came with mini-games and a Paint program.
Adventure Mode
The game features an extensive single-player game which uses the "fighting mode" as a means of conflict resolution. Other minigames may abound, and character growth (as in an RPG) may occur.
Aeria Games
Japanese developer and publisher of mobile/smartphone games. Co-developed Gangan!! Battlerush with SEM & O.
Game developer of many mahjong titles and some CLAMP licenses.
Afumi Hashi
Japanese voice actress.
A defunct Japanese company that developed adult games for computer systems between the late 1980's to the mid-1990's.
Frequent collaborator of HudsonSoft. Subsidiary?
Ai Kakuma
Japanese voice actress.
Ai Nonaka
Japanese voice actress.
Aika Yamaguchi
Japanese artist.
Aim Productions
Belgian publisher
Air Also
Can also execute while in mid-air.
Air Block
A universal method of defense while jumping or otherwise air borne. Exact rules vary wildly from game to game.
Air Dash
Dashes that can be performed in mid-air.
Air Only
Execute while in mid-air.
Air Recovery
Characters possess the ability to recover from a "knockdown" state while in mid-air.
Air Throw
Throws can be performed in the air by all members of the cast.
Air Turn
Ability to turn around in mid-air.
Akabei Soft2
Japanese eroge developer. Formely known as Akabei Soft.
Akemi Kanda
Japanese voice actress.
Akemi Okamura
Japanese voice actress.
Developer primarily known for wrestling titles.
Akihiko Kimura
Takara game director.
Akiji Kobayashi
Prominent tokusatsu and voice actor. Died August 27, 1996.
Akiko Kōmoto
Akiko Saitō
Akira Yasuda, the famous Capcom character designer of yore.
Akimine Kamijyo
Creator of Samurai Deeper Kyo ("Akimine Kamijyo" is her pen-name).
Akinori Sawa
Culture Brain musician.
Akio Nojima
Japanese voice actor. Father of Kenji and Hirofumi.
Akio Ōtsuka
Japanese voice actor, son of Chikao.
Akira Kamiya
Omae wa mō shinde iru
Akira Sasanuma
Akira Toriyama
Famous manga creator, often tapped to design characters.
Akira Toriyama
Creator of all things Dragonball.
Akita Shoten
Japanese manga publisher.
Akoya Sogi
The original Mai Shiranui
Alaina Burnett
Alan Noon
Street Fighter: The Movie
Alan Tudyk
American actor, usually of sci-fi stuff and Disney voices.
Alec Willows
Canadian voice actor.
Alejandro Saab
Voice actor.
Alésia Glidewell
Voice actress, as well as the model for Chell from Portal.
Alex Ahad
Alias oh8 or o_8. Creative director and creator of the Skullgirls and Indivisible characters and lore.
Alexa Kahn
Alexandra Carter
Canadian voice actress, sister of Adrienne.
Alexandre Gillet
The Macedonian Master of Mystery

An expert when it comes to things absolutely no one has heard of. Responsible for discovering and disseminating to FAB Staff a number of wildly obscure Korean MS-DOS games.
Alexis Tipton
American voice actress. Seemingly a go-to stand-in for Laura Bailey, but she's made her own career in addition.
Alfa System
Responsible for porting a great deal of things to the Turbo CD, the Godzilla 2D fighters was however their own creation. Currently sort of floating by on their flagship shmup, Shikigami no Shiro.
An alter-ego or alternate personality utilized as needed.
Alice Soft
Japanese eroge developer. Mostly known for creating the Rance series.
Alicyn Packard
American voice actress.
Alistair Abell
Canadian voice actor.
Allegra Clark
Funimation voice actress.
Allie Moreno
Relatively non-prolific Japanese developer.
Almanic Corp.
A company
Alpha Takahashi
English/Japanese actress.
Japanese visual novel game developer founded sometime in 1993 until officially folding in early 2008. They developed and published games for the NEC PC-9801 home computer and later on for Microsoft's Windows systems.
A subsidiary of Sega, properly known as Sega Amusement Machine Research and Development Department 2. Responsible for a majority of Sega's more popular fighting game titles.
Former Sega studio later known as Hitmaker. Responsible for many arcade titles, including much of the Virtual-On Series.
Amanda Celine Miller
Voice actress.
Amanda Lee
Anime theme cover singer (AmaLee/LeeandLie on YouTube) and voice actress.
Amanda Winn-Lee
American voice actress.
Amber Connor
Voice actress.
Ami Koshimizu
The second Mai Shiranui, but also some other stuff.
Ami Shizuki
Japanese voice actress and singer.
Commodore's popular self-contained computer, it went through several incarnations, including the CD-based Amiga CD32. Home to ports of many popular fighting games, and some original titles as well.
Amir Talai
American actor.
Amstrad CPC
Another one of those wacky computer systems from the 1980's.
Ananda Jacobs
American-born voice actress and singer.
Anastasia Muñoz
Voice actress.
Though related, the exactly nature is either ancient or otherwise indeterminate.
Anchor Inc.
Short-lived video game developer, responsible for the experimental titles "Fighters Destiny" and "Toy Fighter" before mostly expanding out to 6th gen UFC and WWE titles. Had a close relation with Opus, who co-developed the first "Fighters Destiny" and UFC titles.
Do the preceding and following simultaneously.
Andre Sogliuzzo
American voice actor. Does a spot-on Al Pacino impression.
Andrea "Jens" Demetrio
Dev of Schwarzerblitz
Andrés Borghi
Andrés Borghi is an Argentinean multimedia producer. He designed The Black Heart for M.U.G.E.N release
Andrew Chandler
American voice actor.
Andrew Jackson
Not the former president.
Andrew Kishino
Canadian voice actor. Ex-husband of Vanessa Marshall.
Andrew Morgado
Voice actor and sound mixer.
Andrew Paull
Reclusive 4Kids voice actor.
Andrew Toth
Canadian voice actor.
Google's open-source mobile platform.
Android TV
A microconsole running on Android technology, which has a generic download store such as from Google Play or Amazon. These releases do not include closed Android microconsoles such as OUYA or GameStick.
Andy Gavin
Co-founder of Naughty Dog. Brother of Mitch.
Angel Studios
Developer of Sailor Moon titles.
Angelica Porter
Tony Porter's daughter. Recorded some (initially) scratch dialogue for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid which ended up being used anyway.
Angry Mob Games
Anna Cummer
Canadian voice actress.
Annie Wood
Announcers in fighting games normally call out the character names, rounds, winners, and sometimes color commentary.
The Semi-Covert Contributor

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Anri Katsu
Antony Del Rio
Sorry to keep you waiting!
Any Attack
Any attack button.
Any Direction
Any directional input besides Neutral is acceptable.
Any Kick
Press any available kick button.
Any Punch
Press any available punch button.
Any Slash
Press any available Slash button.
Anzu Lawson
Aoi Yūki
Japanese voice actress.
AOne Games
Developers of Omen of Sorrow
Developers of EA's Rabbit and some other stuff.
Aphichat Samutsiri
Thai voice actor.
Company behind a couple of ArcSys' River City/Kunio-Kun games, as well as a Kill la Kill one.
Big daddy of MS-DOS shareware back in the day.
App Land
A small Japanese company, who focusing on developing web and mobile technology. They have created a virtual YouTuber called: Dennou Shoujo Siro.
Apphia Yu
Voice actress.
Apple II
Apple's second computer system, released in 1977.
APPSolute games
Mostly mobile developer with a notoriously terrible pun name.
April Stewart
American voice actress.
A Japanese company founded in October 1994 that specializes in the publishing and distribution of visual novel games under their brand Leaf which produces adult games. Prior to their visual novel distribution, they're also involved in music, franchised restaurants, and at one time in the distribution of automobiles.
Arc System Works
Development House led by Daisuke Ishiwatari, best known for their alternative fighting game series, Guilty Gear.
Blanket term for unique or otherwise uncommon JAMMA hardware.
Indie developers behind noted Sonic the Hedgehog fighting fangame "Sonic Smackdown" and the original medieval fighter "Origin of Storms".
Archer Maclean
British programmer best known for his pool and puzzle games (some of which bear his name in the title), but nevertheless made strong contributions to early fighting games.
Overall generality, like a stereotype or cliche.
Area Zero
Doujin developer. Also known as 領域ZERO.
Developers behind the engine for Nintendo's Star Fox and Super FX chip. Released some other quality games later in life like the delightful I-Ninja, but nailed their coffin shut with the Catwoman movie game.
Founded by Street Fighter II co-creator Akira Nishitani, they developed the Street Fighter EX games with Capcom, and produced some of their own fighters. Other than assisting Crafts & Meister with Super Dragon Ball Z, they've mostly stuck to puzzle games as of late.
Arix Team
Korean developer, in business since 1990.
Armin Shimerman
Quark from Deep Space Nine.
Armstead Christian
Voiced PJ Berri in PaRappa the Rapper. Died Januray 4, 2016.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
The governator.
Arryn Zech
Blake Belladonna
Doujin developer. Created the fighting game Wild Disorder.
Art Department
Artists, animators, and any other individual for graphic presentation.
Japanese company that normally focuses on developing quirky games.
Artificial Life
Mobile developer.
Japanese developer, went defunct in 2010.
Asami Imai
Japanese voice actor.
ASCII Entertainment
Venerable Japanese developer/publisher. They've created several "make your own game" packages over the years, for RPGs, shooting games, and fighters.
ASCII Media Works
Japanese publisher. ASCII and MediaWorks were two separate companies before they decided to become ASCII Media Works. Mostly known for publishing computer magazines, manga and video games.
Taiwanese company established in 1983, formerly known as NTDEC, Mega Soft, Caltron, and Mega Idea. Currently focuses mostly on education-based computer hardware and software.
Ashly Burch
One-time YouTube weirdo, now established voice actress.
Ask Kodansha
Also known as Kodansha Ltd., The largest Japanese publisher of books, magazines, multimedia products and games which headquarters in the wards of Bunkyo, Tokyo.
Doujin developer. Created Model DE Fight using the 2D Fighting Maker engine. It also has a Steam release.
Aspect Digital Entertainment
Japanese developer, who worked a lot on Game Gear and Master System games and ports in their earlier years.
At Wall
Must be performed next to a wall (abstract 2D stage wall or actual wall)
Far removed from their roots as the most popular video game company in the 1970s, Atari is now the name for the former Infogrames/GT Interactive.
Atari 2600
Atari 2600 was the first massively popular console. Although it more or less died in '83 with the Video Game Crash, it is still very popular for homebrew applications.
Atari 8-bit
Atari's 8-bit computer line, including the Atari 800.
Atari ST
Personal computer released by Atari in the mid-1980's.
Atlantean Interactive Games
Publisher of Catfight
Created the Power Instinct series.
Ill-fated arcade hardware pushed by Sammy as a new inexpensive cartridge-based platform; basically a cheaper variant of the already well-established Naomi board.
Little-known company tangentially related to Yuki Enterprise, responsible for Jingi Storm and some mahjong game.
Atreid Concept
French development company
Atsuko Asahi
Composer on Nintendo projects.
Atsuko Tanaka
Japanese voice actress.
Atsuko Yuya
Japanese voice actress.
Atsushi Imaruoka
Japanese voice actor.
Atsushi Kisaichi
Japanese voice actor.
Atsushi Yamanishi
Japanese voice actor, did a lot of SNK stuff.
Attack 1
Press the attack 1 button.
Attack 2
Press the attack 2 button.
Attack 3
Press the attack 3 button.
Attack 4
Press the attack 4 button.
Attack Button
Press the "attack" button.
Attributes of a characters default or most common in game uniform.
Attribute Select
Players can modify the performance of their characters to a certain degree before the battle.
A technique that does little or nothing on its own, but increases the effectiveness of other moves.
Austin St. John
Jason of the Power Rangers.
Austin Tindle
Voice actor.
Doujin developer.
Auto Combo
A string of attacks which are successively guaranteed if one of them should connect.
Axe To Grind Productions
Company of which just one game is known. It employed graphicians and musicians that previously had already been working for other companies.
Aya Hirano
Japanese voice actress.
Aya Hisakawa
Japanese voice actress.
Aya Kawakami
Japanese voice actress
Aya Suzaki
Japanese voice actress.
Ayako Kawasumi
Japanese voice actress.
Ayana Taketatsu
Japanese voice actress.
Ayane Sakura
Japanese voice actress.
Ayumi Fujimura
Japanese voice actress.
Ayumi Itō
Azu Sakura
Mei Hatsume in My Hero Academia's Japanese version, and that's about it.

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