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The NEC PC-9801, Japanese line of personal computer.

PC-98 History

Metal & Lace
Released 5/29/1992.

Sword Dancer: Extra Number
Released 11/06/1992.

Queen of Duellist, The
Released 2/9/1993.

Sword Dancer: Extra Number '93
Released 04/23/1993.

Variable Geo
Released 7/9/1993.

Queen of Duellist Gaiden, The
Released 10/27/1993.

Garyuoh Hidensho

Queen of Duellist Gaiden Alpha, The
Released 1/29/1994.

Queen of Duellist Gaiden Alpha Plus, The
Released 3/1994.

Released 4/19/1994.

Sword Dancer: Goddess of The Evil Blade
Released 05/26/1994.

Jikuu Sasatsukan: Hayate
Released 06/09/1994.

Released 11/25/1994.

Hayate: The Battle
Released 12/16/1994.

Sango Fighter
Released 1995.

Valkyrie: The Power Beauties
Released 02/28/1995.

Released 6/22/1995.

Ningyou Tsukai 2
Released 8/23/1996.

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