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Fight-A-Base Companies

A doujin developer. Made Dysnomia, a mecha fighting game with an all girl cast.

5pb. Games
Game development wing of "The Five Powered & basics," also a record label. Primarily known for visual novels.

7th Expansion
a Japanese doujin game circle popularly known for their famous murder mystery series of Hirugashi When They Cry and Umineko no Naku Koro ni

7th Level
A now defunct company, most of their games were obscure titles based on semi-popular licenses.

Doujin game/art circle primarily composed of Sho Kawakami (ShoK)

A Continuation Of A Dream
Doujin developer. Also known as "夢の続き". Developed Alice Senki and Alice Senki 2, which contains various characters from AliceSoft.

Accend Inc.
Makers of Violent Vengeance - The Universe Hero.

Well known for continuously pumping out ports and licensed games, most of which of dubious quality. Folded in 2004, resurrected as an MMO company two years later.

Defunct developer with a mixed bag of classics (Turrican, Test Drive) and crap (Bubsy, Ballz).

Taiwanese developer

The first third-party developer in console game history. Known in the golden ages for Atari 2600 classics such as Pitfall! and River Raid. They rarely do stuff in-house now, and are most known for ser

Alpha Denshi Corp., Ltd. While they were around before the Neo Geo, their heyday was undoubtedly on that system. Apparently absorbed into SNK at some point around the Neo Geo's demise.

Aeria Games
Japanese developer and publisher of mobile/smartphone games. Co-developed Gangan!! Battlerush with SEM & O.

Game developer of many mahjong titles and some CLAMP licenses.

A defunct Japanese company that developed adult games for computer systems between the late 1980's to the mid-1990's.

Frequent collaborator of HudsonSoft. Subsidiary?

Aim Productions
Belgian publisher

Akabei Soft2
Japanese eroge developer. Formely known as Akabei Soft.

Developer primarily known for wrestling titles.

Akimine Kamijyo
Creator of Samurai Deeper Kyo ("Akimine Kamijyo" is her pen-name).

Akira Toriyama
Creator of all things Dragonball.

Akita Shoten
Japanese manga publisher.

Alfa System
Responsible for porting a great deal of things to the Turbo CD, the Godzilla 2D fighters was however their own creation. Currently sort of floating by on their flagship shmup, Shikigami no Shiro.

Alice Soft
Japanese eroge developer. Mostly known for creating the Rance series.

Relatively non-prolific Japanese developer.

Almanic Corp.
A company

Japanese visual novel game developer founded sometime in 1993 until officially folding in early 2008. They developed and published games for the NEC PC-9801 home computer and later on for Microsoft's

A subsidiary of Sega, properly known as Sega Amusement Machine Research and Development Department 2. Responsible for a majority of Sega's more popular fighting game titles.

Former Sega studio later known as Hitmaker. Responsible for many arcade titles, including much of the Virtual-On Series.

Anchor Inc.
Short-lived video game developer, responsible for the experimental titles "Fighters Destiny" and "Toy Fighter" before mostly expanding out to 6th gen UFC and WWE titles. Had a close relation with Opus

Andrea "Jens" Demetrio
Dev of Schwarzerblitz

Andrés Borghi
Andrés Borghi is an Argentinean multimedia producer. He designed The Black Heart for M.U.G.E.N release

Angel Studios
Developer of Sailor Moon titles.

Angry Mob Games

AOne Games
Developers of Omen of Sorrow

Developers of EA's Rabbit and some other stuff.

Company behind a couple of ArcSys' River City/Kunio-Kun games, as well as a Kill la Kill one.

Big daddy of MS-DOS shareware back in the day.

App Land
A small Japanese company, who focusing on developing web and mobile technology. They have created a virtual YouTuber called: Dennou Shoujo Siro.

APPSolute games
Mostly mobile developer with a notoriously terrible pun name.

A Japanese company founded in October 1994 that specializes in the publishing and distribution of visual novel games under their brand Leaf which produces adult games. Prior to their visual nov

Arc System Works
Development House led by Daisuke Ishiwatari, best known for their alternative fighting game series, Guilty Gear.

Indie developers behind noted Sonic the Hedgehog fighting fangame "Sonic Smackdown" and the original medieval fighter "Origin of Storms".

Area Zero
Doujin developer. Also known as 領域ZERO.

Developers behind the engine for Nintendo's Star Fox and Super FX chip. Released some other quality games later in life like the delightful I-Ninja, but nailed their coffin shut with the Catwoman movi

Founded by Street Fighter II co-creator Akira Nishitani, they developed the Street Fighter EX games with Capcom, and produced some of their own fighters. Other than assisting Crafts & Meister with Sup

Arix Team
Korean developer, in business since 1990.

Doujin developer. Created the fighting game Wild Disorder.

Japanese company that normally focuses on developing quirky games.

Artificial Life
Mobile developer.

Japanese developer, went defunct in 2010.

ASCII Entertainment
Venerable Japanese developer/publisher. They've created several "make your own game" packages over the years, for RPGs, shooting games, and fighters.

ASCII Media Works
Japanese publisher. ASCII and MediaWorks were two separate companies before they decided to become ASCII Media Works. Mostly known for publishing computer magazines, manga and video games.

Taiwanese company established in 1983, formerly known as NTDEC, Mega Soft, Caltron, and Mega Idea. Currently focuses mostly on education-based computer hardware and software.

Ask Kodansha
Also known as Kodansha Ltd., The largest Japanese publisher of books, magazines, multimedia products and games which headquarters in the wards of Bunkyo, Tokyo.

Doujin developer. Created Model DE Fight using the 2D Fighting Maker engine. It also has a Steam release.

Aspect Digital Entertainment
Japanese developer, who worked a lot on Game Gear and Master System games and ports in their earlier years.

Far removed from their roots as the most popular video game company in the 1970s, Atari is now the name for the former Infogrames/GT Interactive.

Atlantean Interactive Games
Publisher of Catfight

Created the Power Instinct series.

Little-known company tangentially related to Yuki Enterprise, responsible for Jingi Storm and some mahjong game.

Atreid Concept
French development company

Doujin developer.

Axe To Grind Productions
Company of which just one game is known. It employed graphicians and musicians that previously had already been working for other companies.

BAM! Entertainment
Publishing company; not officially closed but "dormant".

Masters of the licensed product.

Developer of Fighting Eyes

Notorious for low quality, licensed anime games.

Developer of many adult visual novel games and a subsidiary of NEXTON. Best known for creating the Koihime Musou franchise

Bat Team
Thai developer.

Japanese developer, often uncredited. Normally develops for licensed games published by Bandai and Banpresto.

BeerBoyZ Software
Polish developers.

Developer who briefly worked under Takara to make home console/portable ports of SNK games.

Grand maven of Sega game porting, although they did work on other platforms as well.

Bit Corporation

Developers of a few fighting games, as well as the hack and slash Ōgon Kishi Garo.

BKN International
Now defunct producer of children's entertainment.

Black Ops Entertainment
Founded in Santa Monica, California by four MIT graduates in 1994, developers of Knockout Kings, Street Hoops, Warpath: Jurassic Park, etc.

Black Ring Games
Nigerian developer.

Hong Kong video game accessory (and apparently, now video games themselves) distributor.

Employs psychologists to ensure their fighting games are as addictive as possible.

Blob Games
Indie developer

Bloodlust Software
PC development team formed in 1992 by two Wichita, Kansas students, known primarily for nonsensically violent games. Also one of the more influential entities in the emulation scene, having created s

Blue Sunset Games
Developers of Go All Out!

BottleRocket Entertainment
Team behind the acclaimed Rise of the Kasai.

Developer of some anime games, including a few based on the Shinseki (AKA "Neon Genesis") Evangelion series.

Manga author most famous for Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken.

Japanese developer, usually known for arcade titles. Famous for the Gunslinger Stratos series.

Byulbram Creature
Nickname of Kim Gwangsam, the South Korean homebrew programmer that made the jump to big retail games in 2000.

C&E, Inc.
Taiwanese PC developer, responsible for Super Fighter.

Cadence Games
Developers of Clash of the Monsters.

Candax Games
Indie company in Las Vegas, NV.

One of the top names in fighting games, Capcom started as Japanese Capsule Computers in 1979. They love crossover games and have a close working relationship with the comic company UDON.

A Japanese "doujin" game developer. Known for the fan-made game "Rockmen R" and the EFZ-clone fighter "The Queen of Battlers".

Cardboard Robot Games
Indie developer, creators of Pocket Rumble.

Indie dev

Cerebral Gaming Systems
A company

A company

Chucklefish Games
Indie developer/publisher.

Japanese company that creates mostly bishōjo games with some adult content. They have several brands under their name, such as Circus Metal, Circus Northern etc.

Manga studio responsible for X and a lot of other girly stuff where everyone has mad angular chins.

A branch of PXL Computers. They developed games for the Amiga in the late 90's, and after that they began developing games for PC and Macintosh.

China Mobile Games & Entertainment

Cobra Team
Japanese company that developed a few games for the SNES, all of them based on anime/manga series.

Hungarian developers, released Long Life.

Cony Soft
Hong Kong developer, also known as Yoko Soft.

CoroCoro Comic
Famous manga collective for comics aimed at younger boys.

Cosmic Hat Games
Indie dev

Crafts & Meister
Japanese company co-founded by Noritaka "Poo" Funamizu, producer and director of many Capcom fighting games.

Crave Entertainment
American company that normally publishes licensed and budget games.

Creative Edge Studios
Kings of lousy digitized fighting games on home computers and mobile.

Doujin developer. Created Touhou Kobutu. They've also ported the game to the Nintendo Switch.

Culture Brain
Try this!! "Moonsault!"

Responsible for all of the games in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja series and sub-series (Heroes, Storm), and also the .hack RPG games.

The weirdos who made Veteran Combat.

Cyberplanet Interactive
Small development company in Bangkok usually known for crap games based on licenses nobody cares about. Somehow managed to nab the Ultraman license and made a heap of games with it.

Rather unknown Japanese company which developed a 3D fighting game near of the end of Saturn's life.

Little known Japanese company that developed a few games for the X68000 during the 90's and for Windows later on.

D3 Publisher
Publisher of the infamous and venerable Simple series games.

Subsidiary of Capcom that was responsible for online content PC games.

Dan Fornace
One man indie show from Seattle, Washington. Previously cut his teeth with the Game Boy-ish PC Smash Bros. fan game "Super Smash Land", has since moved on to his own property, Rivals of Aether.

Danbi System
South Korean developer

Daou Infosys Corp.
Korean developer.

Dark Screen Games
Indie dev what did Bounty Battle.

Data East
Famous for loads of arcade beat-'em-ups and pinball machines in the '80's and '90's. Their properties went to cell phone developer G-Mode when they went belly-up in 2003.

Datam Polystar
Japanese developer responsible for all kinds of sub par stuff.

Originally standing for Detective Comics, DC is known as one of the the "big two" publishers of mainstream comic books.

Delphine Software International
Now-defunct French software house known for Another World, Flashback, Moto Racer, and... Shaq Fu.

A Japanese company that specialize in social gaming and online marketing.

Digital Floyd

Digital Crafter
Taiwanese indie developer

Digital Fiction
Short-lived Canadian developer. YuYu Hakusho: Dark Tournament was their only straight-up fighter, but they did release three boxing games as well.

Digital Legends Entertainment
Spanish company based in Barcelona which is specialized in designing games for the mobile/handheld devices.

Digital Tribe Games
Indie video game producer, former publisher of many Jae-Lee Productions' games.

Digital Zero
Developers of All-Star Fighters for PlayStation 2.

Czech dev

Developers of the DBZ: Budokai and Rumble Fish series.

Discovery Software
Also known simply as Discovery (ディスカバリー), a company of eroge goods and software that was established during the early part of the 1990's. As of 1998, t

Diversions Entertainment
Defunct game developer responsible for the One Must Fall games.

A now defunct doujin game developing group who were responsible for the MariBato! games, based on the ongoing and praised Maria-sama

Doc Brock Games
One man studio headed by a martial artist and doctor.

Double Helix Games
Developers of the Xbox One Killer Instinct game.

Once the lapdogs of Squaresoft, DreamFactory has branched off to produce steadily poorer and more awkward 3D fighters on their own.

Producers of many of those random handhelds and accessories found in actual retail stores. A lot of the games on their output are actually bootleg/hacked/ripoffs but they do also license content from

A production studio originally started by Steven Spielberg, it is one of the most prolific movie studios in the US. Sold to Viacom in 2005.

Dysin Information
Taiwanese developer/publisher.

Ea Inc.
Not to be confused with with Electronic Arts. Minor company who is mostly dedicated to contract programming work for other companies.

Formerly a prolific developer of shoot 'em ups, now mainly develops fighting games.

Eiichiro Oda
Artist and creator of One Piece.

Electro Brain
Responsible for bringing a few Toei Animation properties to the NES and Gameboy, then making their own weak titles. Faded into obscurity in the late 90s.

Electronic Arts
Vast company that operates over two dozen studios and publishes and/or develops hundreds of popular games. More known for their "EA Sports" label than their other titles, and still publishes Mega Driv

Elettronica Video-Games S.R.L.
Developers of Mighty Warriors, the arcade game.

Engine Software
Dutch developer which has been around since 1995.

Publisher of the world-renowned Famitsu magazine. Also publisher and developer of a few software titles.

South Korean company. Developed The King of Fighters 2001 and 2002.

Epic Games
Home of all things Unreal, earned their meteoric rise to fame through DOS shareware publishing.

English dev, around since the early 90s. Ported Mortal Kombat 4 to console/PC, and developed Mortal Kombat Gold in conjunction with Midway.

Formerly Yuki Enterprise, who had some hand in Samurai Shodowns 5-6. They've since rebranded and found success with their original Arcana Heart series.

Japanese company mainly involved in role playing games

Family Production Inc.
Creators of NB Heartbreakers Advanced

Family Soft
Japanese software house that later took over for Fill-in Cafe when the company reached financial turmoil during the turn of the mid 90's. Most of the remaining Asuka 120% series (excluding Limited, wh

Fancy Factory
Japanese game developer.

Fill-in Cafe
Japanese software house active from the late 80s to roughly 1998. First worked on Japan-only PC systems then did a lot of CD-based console work; nothing they created ever saw release outside Japan. Cr

FK Digital
Hong Kong doujin developer (authored Super Cosplay War Ultra, most notably) turned pro.

Flat-Out was (is?) a Japanese developer.

Brazilian indie developer.

A doujin circle

Developer of the "Ningyou Tsukai" pair of erotic fighting games for PC, the first of which was brought to the USA as "Metal & Lace" by Megatech.

A team of ex-SNK developers.
They made fighting games of some of Japan's biggest franchises such as Dragon Ball, One Piece and Gundam for mobile phones, before releasing their own original fighter

Doujin developer. Created E's Laf, a 2D fighting game.

A Japanese "doujin" software developer. Formerly known as Watanabe Seisakujo, adopted the name French-Bread in 2003.

Frontier Aja
An independent doujin game production. Took over the Big Bang Beat production right after NRF turned down development support.

Future Entertainment
Korean dev

After a couple nonremarkable arcade puzzle-type games, produced (the rather good) Asura Blade and its sequel Asura Buster. Have apparently shifted their focus away from arcade development since.

Designers of shoot-'em-ups, mostly.

Gadget Soft
Japanese developer of virtually no note. Made the Maid Guy game and a few other things.

Gai Brain
Developer whose work is mostly composed of game ports for portable systems, especially of SNK games under publisher Takara.

Anime production company known for really bizarre plots and symbolism.

Game Arts
Japanese developer founded in 1985.

Game Park Holdings
Developer of the GP line of Korean handheld game systems. Each system was very popular with homebrewers but they also played host to quite a few commercial releases.

Game Programming Study Club
GameProgrammingStudyClub (GPSC) is a doujin developer.

Game Republic
Japanese developer lasting from 2003 - 2011. Most prominent work was on a few DragonBall titles.

Game Studio
Generically named but prolific and well-respected.

A website that shares mostly freeware games.

A French video game developer and publisher headquartered in Paris. It was founded by the Guillemot brothers, who also founded and own, Ubisoft. Gameloft primarily focuses on mobile games, although th

Games Express
Responsible for a number of erotic mahjong titles for the Turbografx-16; created Strip Fighter 2 for the same.

Publishers of Brutal: Paws of Fury and also video game adaptations of game shows such as Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune.

Developers of most One Piece games and the Jump Stars DS fighting games.

Homebrew developer

Gekkan Dragon Age
Monthly manga release featuring some well-known stories.

A Japanese developer of computer and video games, founded in October 1990 by Hiroshi Hamagaki and Tomo Kimura, who left Sega to form the company. Genki is best-known for their racing game titles and a

Worked on some Variable Geo games.

Giochi Preziosi
Italian toy company.

Good Deal Games
Small publishing outfit who mainly deal in releasing new games for otherwise defunct console platforms.

Gouder Co.
Chinese developer, worked on countless unlicensed games in the 90s.

Indie developer known for smoothly animated pixel sprites.

Abbreviation of "Hokkaido Artists' Network and Development".

Hajime Kanzaka
Japanese novel and manga writer, best known for the Slayer series.

HAL Laboratory
Second party Nintendo developer, responsible for Kirby and Smash Bros., among other things.

Hamster Republic Productions
Long-running Canadian independent developer. True to their name, hamsters feature in many of their games.

Hand Made Software
Made games for DOS and mid-'90's Atari consoles, but nothing of great importance.

Known Toy Company, behind famous series' such as G.I Joe and Transformers (in which the latter has actually appeared in fighting games occasionally).

Haymaker Team
German developer, responsible for the game "Haymaker", if you couldn't tell by the name.

Hello There
Swedish development team

Henteko Doujin
A small publisher that has localized several Japanese doujin games on Steam.

High Voltage
From a checkered past in the 1990's and early 2000's, High Voltage shaped up to be one of the more popular developers for Nintendo's Wii, including their First-Person Shooter "The Conduit" and their m

Hirohiko Araki
Artist and creator of all things Jojo.

Hiroyuki Eto
A mangaka from Taketa, Oita, Japan. Known for creating Magical Circle Guru Guru.

Perhaps best known for their fishing games, HOT-B was tempted nonetheless by fighting fever.

Creators of the PC Engine/TurboGrafix16 and many well-known properties from the 1980's (Bomberman, Bonk, Adventure Island). Also developed rather obscure entries in some very popular series (Super Mar

Human Entertainment
Japanese corporation, best known for the Fire Pro Wrestling series before it folded in 1999. Former place of employment of noteworthy developer Goichi Suda.

Hummer Team
One of the more infamous Chinese developers of NES games, made up from mostly ex-C&E staff.

Japanese developer and publisher, best known for dating sims and some games in the "Simple" discount series.

Often stylized as HUNTERS, they make kooky retro-styled games.

Huracan Studio
The Terrodrome blokes.

ID Interactive

Idol FX
Defunct Swedish developer. Mostly known for their obscure game Imp.

International Games System, Taiwanese arcade developer and manufacturer of the Polygame Master (PGM) hardware.

A company!

ImagineVR is an online distribution platform that focus on VR content from Japan and English market.

French company that made a few games for the Amiga and Atari ST in the early 90's. These got published either by Infogrames or Ubi Soft.


Incredible Technologies, Inc.
Solely responsible for the infamous and frequently lampooned Street Fighter: The Movie fighting game.

Prominent India-based mobile games company with several US offices. Also has a Steam-esque PC game downloading service titled GOD (Games On Demand).

Infinite Loop
Small Japanese company that focuses on IT marketing.

A company

Intec did the majority of their development on the PC-Engine and PC-Engine CD-ROM.

Intellectuals Ltd
This is a fake company, none of its games are real

Japanese company, not known for having released anything of merit.

Prolific game company from the '80's and '90's. Still around today, although not as big as it was in its heyday. Interplay had a brief claymation fetish toward the middle of its career.

Cell phone game company, released a bunch of licensed games and rip-offs.

Famous for R-Type and other notoriously difficult shooters, also released a few notoriously bad fighting games.

Iron Galaxy Studios
Mostly known for porting Capcom arcade games to consoles with GGPO capability, Iron Galaxy recently branched out to co-develop Divekick as well as the second season of Xbox One's Killer Instinct.

JAD Entertainment
Two man indie team

Jae-Lee Productions
An one-man indie studio dedicated solely to making fighting games based on vintage martial arts flicks.

Indie dev of the atmospheric Flat Form Fighter.

Jakks Pacific
Creates licensed action figures and "Plug it in & Play TV Games" dedicated consoles.

Short for Japanese Leisure Corporation, this company was founded in 1973. Published lots of obscure games in the 1980's and 1990's.

Japan Vistec
General multimedia developer. After developing some critically-panned 3D fighting games, they somehow became SNK's main outsourced 3D game developer.

Jhonatas da Silva Farias
Solar Fighters

Japanese developer responsible for the Ultraman fighter Taiketsu! Ultra Hero as well as One-on-One Government, the basketball game which is actually pretty close to a fighting game.

Developers of the games on most of those cheap-ass multi-game consoles that somehow are legally sold in stores.

Company best known for the Picross series, among other puzzle games.

Just Add Monsters
A video game developer founded in 2000 in Cambridge, England. Kung Fu Chaos was the first game the company created. It would later become Ninja Theory, known for developing Heavenly Sword and Enslaved

Johnson Voorsanger Productions, later ToeJam & Earl Productions.

Company founded by ex-SNK and ex-Square staff members. Mostly worked on Tenchu sequels after Acquire Corp. moved to other original IPs.

Kadokawa Shoten
Japanese publisher.

Former Taito developer that branched out on its own, made a bunch of junk, and died off quietly.

Weirdo who made Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2

Makes cell phone games. They're in Korea.

Developer mostly known for doing pinball video games. After leaving unfinished what would have been their first fighting game, Burning Fists, they went to develop licensed fighters.

Kei Garo
Creator and designer. Even called KEI. Mostly known for illustrating Miku Hatsune.

a doujin game development group primarily known for their semi-popular fighting game title Crimson Alive.

Japanese visual novel developer, founded by former members of Tactics. Their intellectual property is frequently mined for doujin games.

Publishers of many manga, including Shōnen Magazine. They also publish games, most of which are based on their manga properties.

Will Koei's massive amount of strategy game experience result in a more "strategic" fighter??

Komi Games
Indie dev, made Mighty Fight Federation.

Company with many popular series such as Metal Gear and Castlevania. Often crosses over into fighting games, with mixed results.

Krome Studios
Australian developer, most notable for the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series and Blade Kitten.

Kronos Digital Entertainment
Development house responsible for a few extremely poor 3D fighters, their experience culminated in girl-on-girl action-adventure series Fear Effect.

KSS Media Entertainment Company

Kung Fu Factory
Small-time company that made its name assisting Midway with some of the later MK titles pre-bankruptcy, before moving on to working on UFC titles. They were supposed to make their big fighting game br

Lab Zero Games
Company formed from Reverge Labs after a Konami/Autumn Games lawsuit stymied their ability to continue work on Skullgirls.

Ledo Interactive
Subsidiary of Perfect World. Chinese mobile developer.

French company specializing in educational software and hardware, but produces a bunch of rip-off consoles using JungleTac games sometimes.

A company known for creating eroge games, mostly adult visual novels.

Light Green 8
An doujin development team lead by "hoe2" whom are primarily known for developing the indie fighting game "Inaho Town: Dynamite Bomb!!"

Light Shock Software
Italian (?) development team, worked on games for the Amiga PC and later MS-DOS.

Doujin company. Developed a fighting game that contain characters from Fate/stay night.

Founded in Tokyo in 1995, LightWeight is credited for developing the Bushido Blade and Kengo series.

Japanese eroge developer.

Little Orbit
Gods of publishing licensed shovelware


Long Weight Enterprises
Chinese (Taiwanese? Hong Konger?) developer.

Long-defunct European dev. Had a cat on their logo.

Lost Boys
Dutch game company which later became Guerrilla Games, since purchased by Sony and best known for the Killzone franchise.

The electronic entertainment wing of George Lucas's massive empire.

The foundation of George Lucas' empire. Made a whole bunch of films we used to love!

Popular indie game developer best known for Ittle Dew.

Lump of Sugar
Japanese company. Developed several eroge games.

Indie dev, made Combat Core.

Mad Hog Games
Polish game developer.

Mane 6
A group of Bronies who planned to make a My Little Pony fangame, but a cease and desist from Hasbro led them to create an original IP, Them's Fightin' Herds.

Publisher and localization of Japanese games, mostly visual novels.

Marcus Kasumba
One man dev behind a few Amstrad and PC games in the 90s and early 2000s.

Known eons ago as Timely Comics, it is one of the "big two" mainstream comic book publishers.

Marvelous Entertainment
Formerly Marvelous AQL

Masaki Tsuzuki
Writer and author of Triangle Heart series and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

Masashi Kishimoto
Creator of the manga "Naruto"

Masashi Tanaka
Mangaka best known for a Gon, known for detailed line art and lack of dialogue

Developers of Shaolin Campus King, which seems to be their only game.

Matrix Software
Japanese company founded in July 1994 by former members of Climax Entertainment and Telenet Japan.

Known primarily for their children's toys, Mattel dabbles in video game consoles on occasion.

Mattrified Games
One-man show consisting of Matthew DeLucas, an indie dev that sometimes collaborates with others for larger projects.

McLeod Gaming
Creators of the Super Smash Flash games and their own indie crossover platform fighter, Fraymakers.

South Korean company formed by an ex-Eolith employee, specializing in mobile and online titles. Due to Eolith's failing financial situation, they eventually ended up merging, but they didn't survive t

Media Factory
Japanese publisher. Brand company of Kadokawa.

Software company that mostly worked as KSS's game developer. Mostly known for the semi-erotic survival series Mujintou Monogatari, and the Goiken Muyou series (best known for being supervised / partia

Merge Games

Metro Corporation
Prolific developer of minor games for many companies, most notably Bandai and Banpresto.

Chinese? company

Relatively unknown DOS developer, moved into the mobile market in the 2000's.

Minor developer responsible for a handful of releases on Commodore computers.

Small-time Genesis and Sega CD developer.

An American corporation known for developing, licensing, and supporting a wide range of products related to computers. Microsoft entered the game console market with the Xbox in 2001.

Developer with its roots in arcade games. Once it created the ultra popular Mortal Kombat series, it began riding on its coattails - perhaps a little too much.

Smalltime Japanese developer that continued to support NAOMI hardware and the Dreamcast itself long after those formats were largely considered "dead". Known most for their shoot-'em-ups, Milestone ve

A company!

Mirage Media
Polish publishers.

Mirage Studios
Independent comic book company, known best for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, until the property was sold to Viacom in 2009.

Mirage Technologies
Developer of the Rise of the Robots series.

Mirinae Software
Makers of "The Hero".


Monthly Dragon Age
Manga publication.

Mooff Games
Hong Kong developer

Morikura En
Creator and designer of Kizuna Ai.

Mouse Computer
A Japanese company that focuses on manufacturing computer hardware.

Korean developer. Kim Hungki created the game School Fighter!! https://itunes.apple.com/vn/app/school-fighter!/id943920047?mt=8

NA P.S. Team
Developed Shadow Fighter for the Amiga and remain active to this day in the console market.

Nakaba Suzuki
Mangaka of The Seven Deadly Sins and other stuff.

Most well-known for arcade games like Pac-Man and Dig Dug. Developed two very popular fighting game series - Soulcalibur and Tekken. Currently within a merger with Bandai, as Namco Bandai games.

Naoko Takeuchi
Mangaka of Sailor Moon. Married to YuYu Hakusho/Hunter X Hunter mangaka, Yoshihiro Togashi.

Nasty Brothers
Makers of Fight 'N' Jokes

Prolific and generally high-quality developer, although nowadays they're mostly coasting by on Harvest Moon.

Naughty Dog
Known today for Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter, once cut their teeth on Way of the Warrior for 3DO.

Japanese visual novel developer consisting of former members of BasiL, including Hiro Suzuhira and Aoi Nishimata, the illustrators for Shuffle!.

Naxat Soft
Japanese developer.

NCS Masaya, Japanese developer and proud owner of the Ranma 1/2 license for a while.

NEC Avenue
A Japanese media company, was the development division of NEC. It was merged with other studios to form NEC Interchannel (now Interchannel, Inc.) in 1995. They were mainly credited for developing and

Italian company primarily known for producing gore films; they branched out into gaming with Death Cargo.

Russian developer whose games mostly star silhouettes.

Neko Entertainment
French company.

South Korean publisher.

NetherRealm Studios
Subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment, made up of the former employees of Midway's Chicago office that remained at the time of WB's purchasing of the rights of Midway's properties.

Neverhood Inc.
A short-lived video game developer named after their first game, the critically-acclaimed adventure game, The Neverhood. Boombots, was their third and last title before they went out of business.

Developer of a bunch of lame childrens' games based on properties that are older than Jesus.

Former name of the now-defunct Nex Entertainment. Worked as a developer of titles for other companies, mainly licensed titles, ports and IP sequels. Their main fighting game input were upgraded Toshin


Nico Galis
One-person seal under which just one game was finished, although some progress had been reached with other projects.


Eroge visual novel company, known for their collaboration with @term=typemoon_comp@ to create the light novel series, Fate/zero. @term=5pb_comp@ has also collaborated in publishing some games to home

NKTF, Hongkong Project
X68000 dev

Noise Factory
Subsidiary of SNK Playmore, they assisted on a few SNK properties, but also gave a shot at Rage of the Dragons and a couple of Power Instinct titles.

Minor game company dedicated to doing licensed games for other developers.

Now Production
Japanese development company. Does a lot of work with Bandai, Namco, and Konami.

Game Studio NRF, a doujin developer.

nStigate Games
Formerly known as Nihilistic Software, and currently known as absolutely nothing, since they closed up shop in 2012.

Indie game developer!

An indie mobile dev who was working on a tap-and-swipe fighter that was shelved. Somehow then got the rights to a Power Rangers version of the same, then a full-fledged Power Rangers console fighter.

Ocean Software
Famous for often buying the rights to make video games from different movie and television franchises, they were ultimately acquired by Infogrames in 1998 and renamed to Infogrames UK.

Office Koukan
Japanese developer active in the late 80's and early 90's. Most of their games were published by Shouei System and Victor Entertainment.

Omega Force
Koei's (later Koei Tecmo's) subsidiary which focuses on their Three Kingdoms and Warring States era games, and all of their spin-offs - most prominently, the Musō/Warriors titles.

Onanim Studio
Brazilian developer.

One True Game Studios

Open Corp.
Korean devs

Developer mainly of UFC titles, but also did more conventional fighting games. Had a close relationship with Anchor Inc., co-developing the first "Fighters Destiny" and UFC titles.

Dōjin dev

Orion Pictures
Movie studio, subsidiary of MGM.

OSP Entertainment
French-Canadian PC development company. Released their entire catalog on one disc or digital download in 2009.

Otto Waalkes
German comedian, best known simply as "Otto". Created a cartoon series called the "Ottiphants", in which Karate Phants is a spin-off of.

Some kind of collaboration (??) between companies which haven't since surfaced in the fighting world.

Pack-In Video
Japanese publisher and developer

Pajamas Soft
Eroge developer. Co-developed Pencil Royale -Heroines Collection- with Production Pencil.

Panda Entertainment
Based in Taiwan, produced five DOS games in the early 1990s. Sango Fighter was their only title to be released in the USA. Besides Sango 1, 2, and Tough Guy, they released two beat 'em ups and a Sup

Doujin group responsible for the visual novel Magical Girl Kirara and Sarara.

Pandora Box
Former game developer mostly known for being the co-creators of the Oni RPG series (along Winkysoft and Banpresto), and for releasing the ultra-low priced Pandora MAX series which would ultimately be

Papaya Studio
Yet another company specializing in sub-par licensed games.

Paradox Development
The brains behind the ill-fated Thrill Kill and later the non-Capcom X-Men fighters.

Paragon Software
Known best for some old Marvel comics computer based games. Now makes some stuff on cell phones.

A doujin circle persisting of Kotani, Umezono, and Shinza, all who are former SNK employees.

Founded by two manga artists; Shibuko Ebara and Banri Sendo. Mostly known for their work on the Rozen Maiden series which also have appeared in serveral licensed video games, such as Rozen Maiden gebe

PG Games
Mostly one man show headed up by Norwegian Kim Okkerstrøm until his death in 2014.

Phantom Card
Developer of Catfight

A misspelling of Fight-A-Base's main guru... or maybe just an obscure developer.

Pipeworks Software
Developers mostly of licensed games, including many starring Godzilla.


Pix Arts
Asset flippers.


Mobile developer who is best known for the "Beyond Fighting" series.

Polish publisher/telecommunications company?

Player Mechanics
Indie dev studio behind Vecho Fights.


Publisher of the PC version of Battle Arena Toshinden, they couldn't keep their hands out of it and added Earthworm Jim as a hidden character. Their game publishing wing has since closed, but they are

Playtonic Games
Ex-Rare devs looking to recapture their former glory.

Pointfive Projects
Makers of the Battle High games.

Animation/cleanup artist for the Pokémon anime series; developed her own doujin Pokémon fighter on the side.

Polygon Magic
A Japanese company that started small-time in 1996 and became more prolific as time went on.

Apparently a subdivision of the recording label, "Polygram Magic of Japan" made only a few Playstation titles before disappearing into even further obscurity.

Pony Canyon
Japanese company with the famous "hairy eye" logo.

British game publisher

Canadian developer, responsible for unleashing Battle of the Eras on MS-DOS in 1995 while the head was only 14 years old.

Company founded by ex-Irem employees. Did a lot of work for/with HudsonSoft and Enix.

Project Atsuki
Apparently defunct Japanese doujin developer responsible for Axel City and Axel City Gaiden

Project Soul
A development team within Namco/Bandai Namco which established itself solely to work on SoulCalibur related projects.

Project YNP
A doujin circle. Mostly known for developing obscure racing games like Cyber Formula Sin Cyber Grandprix.

They collaborated with Dream Toy's Factory on ALIBAT, which is a fighting game that

Prope is a company founded by Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka.

Founded by former Video System employees, Psikyo (like their parent company) developed mainly mahjong and shoot 'em up arcade titles, but made a few forays into the fighting arena.

Puny Human
Independent video game developer. They have developed one fighting game, Blade Symphony.

Quad Arrow

Developer responsible for the godlike Trap Gunner (and some fighting games). Later changed their name to "Racjin" apparently so the Japanese could pronounce it more easily.

U.K. developer that started out with multiplatform releases, but really came into their own when they became a second party developer for Nintendo. Currently a second party developer for Microsoft, al

Ratti Entertainment
indie devs

Reddish Region
Doujin developer

Rei no Mono
Doujin developer?

Renaissance Pictures
Creator of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.

European developer of computer games, best known for the Sensible Soccer series.

North American subsidiary of Telenet Japan, it was acquired by Sega in 1993.

Retro Army Limited
Scottish indie studio

Reverge Labs
American independent developer formed from the ashes of Pandemic Studios.

Right Stuff
Japanese software company

Rockin' Android

Rooster Teeth
An American company who focus on media and entertainment. They have produced many RWBY animation videos, which was originally created by the late Monty Oum.

Another one man indie dev.

Chinese mobile devs

Developer of the Ranma 1/2 Battle Renaissance.

Rumiko Takahashi
Creator of Ranma 1/2 and later (sadly) Inuyasha.

Saban Entertainment
Founded by Egyptian businessman Haim Saban, they are known for importing anime and transforming the Japanese tokusatsu series Super Sentai into the Power Rangers for Western consumption.

Sabec Limited
Company that produces budget titles with generic names.

Ubiquitous Chinese developer. Like most developers in that region, their games are unlicensed and many are just straight up rip-offs of other, legit games. Still, they have had some success with getti

The brains behind game ports and original titles, founded by Sculptured Software co-founder, Hal Rushton.

Short-lived Saturn developer.

Former parent company of Arc System Works. Now owned by Sega.

Sandbird Software
Folks what made Brudal Baddle.

Developer behind Astra Superstars, splinter group from Sunsoft. Now seemingly focused on iPhone crap, but judging by their website, they still seem mighty proud of Astra.

Mostly known for porting old SNK games onto newer consoles. Also released Ragnagard.

The developers of Survival Arts (albeit uncredited), Battle Monsters and Killing Zone. Has also made a select few other games, such as Atomic Robo-Kid and Dyna Gear.

Sector-K Games
Indie developers behind Punch Planet.

Former console maker, now develops and publishes games for multiple platforms. Most well known in fighting game circles for Eternal Champions, Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, and a Sonic the Hedgehog

Publishing company responsible for budget titles.

A Korean game company who released SD-Fighters.

Shaba Games
Activision branch that makes mostly "extreme" sports titles, also attempted a Shrek fighting game (SuperSlam).

Japanese video game developer and publisher. Formerly known as Quintet before they changed their name to Shade.

Shameless Studio
Developer of Ballistic Fist.

Shigeru Mizuki
Manga author of merit, but better known as the #1 authority on Japanese ghosts, monsters, and demons.

Shonen Ace
Manga publication.

Shonen Jump
No disrespect to the original authors, but man there are a lot of different writers involved in Jump Superstars.

Shonen Magazine
A manga collective that started on March 17, 1959 - the same day as their rivals, Shonen Sunday.

Shonen Sunday
A manga collective that started on March 17, 1959 - the same day as their rivals, Shonen Magazine.

Shotaro Ishinomori
Influential figure in manga, anime, and tokusatsu. His more popular works include Cyborg 009, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Kikaider.

Developer of a number of Fist of the North Star and pachinko games, among many others.

Shuriken Software
Game developer.

Korean publisher, mostly produced terrible ripoffs of popular games and bad ports. Some legit releases came out under their banner, however.

Founded in 1979 as On-Line Systems, by Ken and Roberta Williams, Sierra is best known early on for their graphic adventure series. Through a series of acquisitions, expanded to other genres as well. S

Sigmatek Entertainment

French game developer most active on home computers in the late 80s and early 90s.

Frequent collaborator with Sega, their specialty is fishing games.

Sirlin Games
David "Low Strong" Sirlin

Large South Korean conglomerate with their hands in pretty much everything.

SMVD Games
An Indian mobile game developer.

SnapDragon Games
German developer mostly acquainted with PC games. Boldly venturing to downloadable content for consoles.

One of the most well-known names in fighting games, SNK is famous for repeatedly going out of business, only to be miraculously resurrected a short time later. Oh, and King of Fighters. Formerly known

Soedesco Publishing
Publishers of Omen of Sorrow

Sof Try Game Production

Japanese developer. Creator of Garyuoh Hidensho.

Makers of Violent Fighter.

Publisher of Fighting Eyes

Solus Games
Indie developer, responsible for the "Funky" game series (Funky Punch/XL, FunkyHOOPS, Funky Moves).

Released their ultra-popular PlayStation console after Nintendo publicly shamed them by backing out of a contract. Published and developed titles range from "OMG AWESOME!!!" to "meh".

Studio founded by Kirby and Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai.

SouthPeak Games
SouthPeak Games (aka SouthPeak Interactive) is a videogame publisher founded in 1996.

Developer of the Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi (aka "Sparking") series of games. Also the venerable Firepro Wrestling series but that's neither here nor there.

Spiritonin Media Games
Former studio lead by game developer Scott Stoddard, specialized in now-deprecated Flash games. Best known for making the first entry of the memetic Robot Unicorn Attack series.

Formerly Squaresoft, merged with its ex-rival Enix (hence "Squenix"). Square was at one time partnered with Electronic Arts as Square-EA.
Squaresoft is best known as an RPG developer, but for what

Multimedia conglomerate behind the Spartacus television show.

Atari ST developers.

Short-lived arcade developer.

Studio 3
Originally known as System 3, this UK developer has been responsible for the development of every game in the International Karate series.

Studio Gigante
Development studio pioneered by Mortal Kombat co-creator John Tobias. They made Tao Feng and a wrestling game, then died.

Studio Saizensen
Prolific Japanese developer.

Studio Zan
Small-time Japanese developer.

Stun Games
Developers of Slashers: The Power Battle, formed partially from former employees of Vivid Image and Sobee Studios, who worked on the prequel Dual Blades.

Subtle Style
Japanese doujin developer.

Best known in the olden days for the Cotton series of shumps, now seeing a major resurgence shovelling out software for the DS.

Sun L
Developer who worked under Banpresto, Takara and Capcom to make mostly licensed games. They seem to be the company behind Banpresto's early Compati Hero series.

Apparently Korean company who specialize in kind-of-but-not-really bootlegs using stolen and reworked sprites but original gameplay. Their one fighting effort, Best of Best, is at least non-plagiarize

Sungrand Studios
Australian indie dev behind the Silver Falls horror game series.

Anime studio most famous for stuff like Gundam and Cowboy Bebop; now a wholly owned subsidiary of Bandai Namco.

Sunrise Interactive
Defunct Japanese game developer. Has created several games based on anime production.

Long-time developer, turned their sights to fighting games to create a humorous and increasingly unorthodox "trilogy."

Sunstone Games
Sunstone Games is a studio made up of former Pipeworks developers who worked on the Godzilla games Destroy All Monsters Melee, Save the Earth, and Unleashed.

SuperBot Entertainment
Upstart developer tapped by Sony to develop PlayStation All-Stars.

Indie dev.

Syrox Developments
Company mostly known for ports, but did a bit of "original" content, too.

Japanese company what made a mess of fighters as well as a couple of other things. Also ported Samurai Shodown to Genesis.

T. Peers
Some guy or gal who made a game once, I guess.

Japanese developer of video game software and arcade hardware. The word Taito (pronounced "TIE-toe") is chinese character contraction of "Jew of far east". Taito also imports and distributes American

Japanese toy vending juggernaut and former console porter of Neo Geo fighting games.

Doujin game developer responsible for the development of Arm Joe.

Only responsible for two titles, both on the Playstation and both Japan-exclusive (Battle Master, a fighter, and Acid, some kind of puzzle-shooter).

Tama Soft
Japanese developer. Has done some adult visual novels. Lost Child is one of them.

Tamaoka Soft
Japanese visual novel/eroge developer. Formerly known as Tama-Soft.

Developer of the Toshinden series of games, often had their limelight stolen entirely by publisher Takara.

Tarsier Studios
A Swedish game developing company, Tarsier Studios was responsible for the remake of the original Rag Doll Kung Fu, known as Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic.

Anime studio started in 1962 that has many well-known series under its belt, including Mach Go! Go! Go! (Speed Racer), Time Bokan, Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman, and Chou Jiku Yosai Macross.

TDK Mediactive
Makes a bunch of licensed crap that nobody plays.

Team Ninja
Tecmo/Koei-Tecmo/Tecmo-Koei studio behind the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series.

Team Shanghai Alice
Doujin developer (formely called ZUN Soft). Mostly known for the Touhou Project games.

Team Shuriken
Indie team most known for their Minecraft platformer clones

Long standing developer with Amiga / PC roots. Known these days for the Worms series of combat strategy games.

Technical Group Laboratory

Best known for rocking the beat 'em up genre, Technos regardless made a few unsuccessful attempts at the fighting game.

Japanese company that was very active during the 90's. It's mostly known for the Thunder Force shoot 'em up series.

Legendary arcade developers from the 80's, responsible for the "Dead or Alive" games. Now merged with Koei.

TeePee Studios
Either a Native American dwelling or something for your bum. Or maybe a developer.

Founded in 1998, Tencent is China's largest holder of internet and mobile services. Tencent has both licensed foreign games (most notably from South Korea) and games produced domestically.

Developer of some Variable Geo versions.

The Balance, Inc.
Developers of the first Override.

The Real Ologram
Italian company which just released one game at the end of Amiga's commercial life.

Makes mobile phone games and accessories these days, but in days past, were mostly responsible for rubbish ports, with the occasional terrible original release.

Electronics manufacturer, also released the Game King and Handy Game lines of handheld systems.

Korean developer responsible for SD-Fighters

Titan Sports
Property holders of the World Wrestling Entertainment brand, formerly known as the World Wrestling Federation.

Titus was a long-running French software publisher and developer founded in 1985 and closed its doors in 2005. Fighting games published by Titus include Evil Zone and Barbarian.

TKO Software
Mostly known for their work on PC and mobile phone games.

Todd McFarlane
Prominent member of the comic book industry and creator of all things Spawn.

Toei Animation
Publisher of games based on their own licenses, sub-developer "Shouei" did most of the actual work.

One of Japan's most globally recognized film studios, Toho is best known for Kurosawa films, various anime projects, the horror film Ringu, and the king of monsters himself, Godzilla. Toho also produc

Tom Create
Tom Create Co., Ltd. a Japanese video game developer specializing on licensed anime games.

Tomoaki Sugeno
A single programmer, illustrator, and former ex-Capcom employee responsible for developing the game Vanguard Princess.

Known as Takara-Tomy in Japan; makes the Naruto: Clash of Ninja series while rival Bandai-Namco makes the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series.

Japan's so-called "ninja developer", they've had a hand in the development of an estimation of over 200 games starting with 1980's Sasuke vs. Commander for SNK, often without credit.

Toshiba EMI
Music production company, somehow got involved with developing Battle Master.

Toy Hunter Lab
Tentative name of a single person Hong Kong developer behind Toy Hunter.

American publisher of all things Technos, took matters into their own hands with Double Dragon V.

Japanese development house founded by ex-Konami employees in 1992. Everything they touch is required to become the darling of all "truly old-school hardcore."

Doujin circle. Made by Tsurugi Rokusuiji.

Short-lived developer.

Independent developer consisting of three people - two gals and a guy. Their first venture was December 2010's "Chu's Dynasty".

Tsuburaya Productions
Production company responsible for Ultraman.

Video game developer who worked closely with SNK-porting developer Yumekobo. Their only original work is Tatsunoko Fight, which they co-developed with Eleca.

Turner Properties
Parent company of a lot of stuff, including Cartoon Network. Owned by media mogul Ted Turner.

Twelve Interactive
Italian development collective.

Twilight Frontier
AKA Tasogare Frontier or Tasofro for short, a Japanese "doujin" software developer.

Visual novel company, creator of Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime, which have inspired several doujin and commercial fighting games.

Best known for games like Rayman, Assassin's Creed, and the more recent Prince of Persia games.

Developers of a few Neo Geo Pocket Color-ish fangames before proceeding with their own Super Knockout.

Short-lived Atari 2600 developer

United Microelectronics Corporation. Taiwan's first semiconductor company. Apparently they also published games...?

Arcade developer adept at producing bizarre knockoffs of more popular games. Korean?

Doujin developer.

Vermillion Entertainment
Short-lived company whose only released game was a wannabe-Soul Calibur for PC.

Company whose only work seems to be Super Robot Spirits for the N64.

Vic Tokai
The former name of Japanese telecommunications giant Tokai Communications. They developed and published video games under that name, and even had a localization branch in California for a number of ye

Software developer responsible for Fight Fever.

Vicious Cycle
Small developer with a hit-and-miss portfolio. Since being purchased by Little Orbit in 2014, they pretty much exclusively work for them.

Virgin Interactive
Prominent UK developer, now mostly just publishes Capcom releases for that territory.

Porting and licensed game specialist best known for their tragedy on a cartridge called "Mortal Kombat Advance".

VIS Entertainment
BAM! Entertainment subsidiary

Visco Games
Currently focused on slot machines, Visco released a couple of games on Nintendo systems and a handful on Neo Geo.

Visual Concepts
A game developer known primarily for their 2K sports games, but dabbled other genres (including fighting games) in the 90s.

Formerly known as Vivendi Universal. Started out in France as a water company in the 1800's.

Vivid Image
European development house originally known for Amiga titles, created original GBA fighter Dual Blades.

Japanese developer.

Japanese game developer. Created OverHeats4 and Lady Fight! CβT.

Fuzhou Waixing Computer Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

Warner Bros.
Major film studio, subsidiary of Time Warner.

WayForward Technologies
Developer best known for their 2D games, often with well-animated, colorful sprites and pleasing gameplay.

Web Do Japan
Former mobile game dev, reformulated as some sort of holding company as "Crooz" in 2007.

Webfoot Technologies
Small time shareware company from the '90's. Broke it big when they were tapped to develop some DragonBall Z games for the Game Boy Advance, then disappeared in 2005 after releasing some non-DBZ relat

Windmill Oasis
Japanese company. Produce mostly eroge games.

Phallic-named Japanese developer. Filed for bankruptcy in December 2015.

Witch Craft
A developer created by ex-Media Vision staff lead, Akifumi Kaneko of Wild Arms fame.

Former Telenet Japan subsidiary, now defunct.

Xīn Yì
AKA New Art. Taiwanese developer

South Korean developer.

Yacht Club Games
Shovel Knight!

Doujin developer. Created Soul Saber and Soul Saber 2.

Developers (?) of many nigh-identical LCD hardware configurations.

Yeounwoo Soft
Korean MS-DOS developer?!

Japanese publisher and developer

Yoshihiro Togashi
Original creator of long-running manga/anime series Yuu Yuu Hakusho.

Pen name of the Japanese mangaka duo consisting of story writer Takashi Shimada and artist Yoshinori Nakai, creators of Kinnikuman.

Yugo Ishikawa
Mangaka and author of Fighting Beauty Wulong

Primarily a developer of wrestling titles, but responsible for the 3D fighter "Evil Zone."

Yuki Enterprise
Japanese developer whose experience prior to making Samurai Shodowns 5 and 5 Special was limited entirely to console versions of board games. Began developing Arcana Heart on their own before dissolvi

Doujin developer. Creator of Valforce, a 3D fighting game.

Japanese company in the 1990's, released mostly anime-based titles.

Zeppelin Games
Zeppelin Games is a British company that focused in producing games for the 8 bit computers, but also made some titles for 16 bit computers and even consoles.

Japanese developer with few titles, but touching all genres. Created Zero Divide 1 and 2.

A Japanese erotic bishoujo video game maker. Localized in North America on J-List under the G-Collections label, and features art by Masahiro Yamane and Keiji Muto.

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