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Win Quote vs. Condor
Go back to your village and say that you've realized that you are still an unskilled hunter.
-Condor (Breakers Revenge)
Similar Dialogue
Tekkaman Blade's Win Quote (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
All I ask is that you don't hold me back in the next fight. Got it, [your partner]?

Chun Li's Win Quote (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
As you just learned, I'm not one to hold back. Even in the air I can still dance all over your face!

Lei Wulong's Win Quote vs. Cole (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Hey! What’s that on your back? An amp? Just admit it! You’re carrying an illegal weapon in a public zone!

Potemkin's Win Quote vs. Chipp (Guilty Gear XX)
I admire your ferocious tenacity, but you've got to learn when to pull back.

Mora's Win Quote vs Anna (Nitro+ Blasterz)
I am a hunter. A hunter of vampires. Dolls are no match for me. Go back to your master.

Chaos's Win Quote (Under Night In-Birth)
I keep beating you down, yet you insist on getting back up... I cannot help but think that your behavior is utter nonsense.

Steve Fox's Win Quote Vs Lei (Street Fighter X Tekken)
It’s been awhile, Lei. I still owe you one for your help back then.

Alex's Win Quote (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
Looks like you'll need to hit the gym again. That is, if you can get back to your world!

Micky Rogers's Prefight vs. Lee (Art of Fighting 2)
Micky: Your speed or my punch... Which shall prevail?
Lee: Hmmm, let me get back to you on that.

Testament's Win Quote vs. Venom (Guilty Gear XX)
Take that weird style of yours back to the pool hall where it belongs.

Makoto's Win Quote (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike)
That couldn't have been your best effort! Stop holding back!

Zangief's Win Quote vs. Blanka (Street Fighter 4)
That shock therapy of yours cleared up my backache, comrade! Thanks!

Julia Chang's Win Quote vs. King (Street Fighter X Tekken)
There was no need to hold back against me. ...Unless that was your true strength?

Raiden's Win Quote vs. Robert (King of Fighters XIII, The)
Those weak kicks won't work against me! Come back when you've trained your legs!

I-No's Win Quote vs. Zappa (Guilty Gear XX)
Why are you arching your back like that? Was it that good for you?

Urayukihime's Win Quote vs. Fenrir (Blade Arcus from Shining)
Why do you not use all of your strength?! I can tell that you are holding back!

Athena Asamiya's Win Quote vs. Kyo (King of Fighters XIII, The)
Winning means carrying the loser’s feelings on your back. I see that now.

Kyo Kusanagi's Win Quote vs. Robet (King of Fighters XIII, The)
You can’t go back to your students after losing like that! Wanna try again?

Joe the Condor's Win Quote (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
You can't hold back in the middle of a fight. That's one of the rules of battle you need to remember, [your partner].

Morrigan Aensland's Win Quote (Japan) (Darkstalkers)
You're trying too hard. Come back when you've outgrown your diapers!

Chipp Zanuff's Win Quote vs. Baiken (Guilty Gear XX)
You've got some nerve for a chick. Is that how they breed 'em back in Japan?

Sousou Motoku's Win Quote vs Kannei Koha (Scenario Mode) (Koihime Enbu)
As a general, I find your speed to be impressive... but, that's all you've got.

Potemkin's Win Quote vs. Chipp (Guilty Gear X)
I admire your ferocious tenacity, but you've still been defeated.

Yatterman's Win Quote vs. Saki (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
I can tell by the look in your eyes that you've been in some pretty rough scrapes.

Urayukihime's Win Quote vs. Isaac Saint-Germain (Story Mode) (Blade Arcus from Shining)
If I were you, I'd disappear while that smart head is still on your shoulders.

Faust's Win Quote vs. Kliff (Guilty Gear XX)
Impressive! It takes an iron spirit and years of training to become that skillful. Still, I fear your time is almost up.

I-No's (CPU) Win Quote vs. Justice (Guilty Gear XX)
Is that all you've got? I'll rip you out of your shell and scoop out your insides.

Zero's Win Quote vs. Gold Lightan (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
Is that all you've got? Maybe if you applied yourself a bit more you would have had a chance...

Demitri Maximoff's Win Quote (SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom)
Now you've angered me! That is your greatest mistake!

Justice's Win Quote vs. Jam (Guilty Gear XX)
So, you've mastered Ki force... There's still not enough power behind your attacks.

Leona Heidern's Win Quote vs. Takuma (King of Fighters XIII, The)
The loss of your family... You've managed to overcome that...

's Win Quote vs. Jam (Guilty Gear XX)
What a delicious aroma! That food that got knocked away is still fine... Your cooking skills must be divine!

Luca's Win Quote (Plasma Sword)
What will happen if I cut your heart out while you're still alive? That will be exciting!

Roll's Win Quote vs. Kaijin no Soki (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
Wow! You've kept that armor in such good condition! It must be really difficult to get your hands on such an antique. ♥

Tekkaman Blade's Win Quote vs. Saki (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
Wow, I'm amazed you've been able to do your job. That carefree attitude is not gonna help you protect Earth.

Iron Tager's Win Quote vs Arakune (BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger)
You tapped into the power of the Boundary, and that's all you've got? You should contemplate your foolishness.

Eddie's Win Quote vs. Kliff (Guilty Gear XX)

Dan Hibiki's Win Quote vs. Dee Jay (Super Street Fighter 4)
Your music sucks. That said, I'd take a free CD if you've got any.

Dee Jay's Win Quote (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
Your problem is that you still don't have any rhythm!

Gill's Win Quote vs. Oro (Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact)
Your Senjitsu is puny in comparison! Have you realized that my power is the only true power?!

Kuro's Win Quote vs. Nina (Street Fighter X Tekken)
You've got a certain look in your eyes that I can't get enough of... I wouldn't mind losing to you.

Joe the Condor's Win Quote vs. Zero (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
You've got speed, I'll give you that. But your textbook fighting style isn't gonna work on the man who wrote the book!

Dandy-J's (CPU) Before Battle with Slash (Waku Waku 7)
You've got your reason... Then, the winner will get a ball. Is that simple enough?

Bai-Hu's (CPU) Before Battle with Dao-Long (Breakers Revenge)
You've never known that this body used to be the body of your father. Can you defeat your true father?

Hotaru Futaba's Win Quote vs. Rock (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
Long time no see! Still got that pouty manner, but I think you've gotten tougher.

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